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Vest-Agder County

Guide to Herad, Norway ancestry, family history, and genealogy: birth records, marriage records, death records, census records, and military records.

Church Records

Herad clerical district contains priest and sexton records from the parishes Herad (Herred) and Spind until 1893. They were separated from Lista (Vanse) clerical district in 1828.

Microfilmed records are available from 1692-1921 at the Family History Library.

Digital images are online at Digitalarkivet.

Vanse / Herad: 1693-1714, 1726-1815

Herad: 1816-1853, 1887-1907

Herad / Herad: 1815-1921

Herad / Spind: 1816-1935

Census Records

This census was taken by the local parish priests. It lists the name of the farms, names of farm owners (including widows), the sons of the farm owners, male farm hands, cottagers and their sons, and the ages of each person. There was another census taken by the civil authorities at this same time. Both censuses should be searched as they supplement each other. This clerical census is more complete. Original manuscripts on microfilm.

This census was taken by the local civil authorities. It lists the names of the farms, farmowners (including widows), sons of farm owners, male farm hands, cottagers and sons of cottagers and the age of each person. The clerical authorities took a census during this same time period. Both censuses should be used as they supplement each other. The clerical census is more complete. Original manuscripts on microfilm.

The 1801 census (b. 35) for Herad clerical district includes Herad and Spind parishes. It lists the farm name, person's name, position in the household, age, marital status, and occupation. Original manuscripts on microfilm.

This census contains the persons name, residence, status in the family, occupation, sex, martial status, place of birth, religion if not a member of the state church, and other miscellaneous information. Each book usually contains one clerical district (prestegjeld). In some books there are two clerical districts recorded. The parishes and school districts in each clerical district are listed at the beginning of each book. Original manuscripts on microfilm.

This 1875 census contains the persons name, residence, position in the family, occupation, sex, marital status, year of birth, place of birth, religion if not a member of the state church, and other miscellaneous information. Original manuscripts on microfilm.

This census contains the persons name, sex, resident or temporary resident, temporarily absent and where person is, position in the family, marital status, occupation, year of birth, place of birth, citizenship, religion, and other miscellaneous information. Original manuscripts on microfilm.

Database at Digitalarkivet.

Court Records

Land Records

Farm Books

Farm Names

The farm number and name of the farms listed in Oluf Rygh Farm Name Index in about 1900 were as follows:

31 Aasen 56 Austad nedre 10 Bidringsaas 53 Bines 37 Bjelland 12 Briseid 26 Bulægen 6 Dalland 22 Djubhagen 47 Drange 41 Drangsheien 30 Eigeland 8 Eivenshelle 7 Espeland 1 Fulland 19 Gautland 32 Gjervoldstad 28 Grimestad 44 Havaasen 51 Holmen 4 Hoveland 9 Høiland 20 Jersdal lille 46 Kalvenes østre 13 Kjellingbø 24 Kjørklev med Daland 48 Klungeland 15 Kvaale 17 Kvaalsheien 2 Lauland 40 Laundal 45 Litland 14 Log med Kalvenes vestre 18 Logsheien 33 Meland 34 Ofte 38 Røinaasen 36 Røineskogen 11 Sande 16 Sandsheien 27 Sandvigen 29 Saudland 39 Saudland 50 Seland 54 Skjoldal lille 5 Steian 25 Stølen indre 42 Svindal 3 Sæveland lille 35 Sæveland store 43 Tosaas 49 Vallelien 52 Vedremark

The farm names listed in Rudjord and Høyland's  Herad  in 1977 were as follows:

Anders Nilsens gard, Anders Reiersens gard, Anders Skomakers bruk, Ansteinsen Ole gard, Aslak Eigelands bruk, Austad Nedre, Austad Slave bruk, Austad Øvre, Austad, Austre Kalvenes, Austre Tosås, Badstufeda, Bakken, Bedringås, Beide, Bent Jonsens bruk, Bines, Bjelland, Bjørn Simonsens gard, Bodvars bruk, Brannen, Briseid, Brønjel Ånensens bruk, Bulega, Bygselgodset, Bøen, Børel Knudsens bruk, Børo, Dalan, Dalen, Dalland, Didriks gard, Didriksen Kristen gard, Djubhagen, Drange, Drangsheia, Eigeland Aslak bruk, Eigeland, Eldebrann, Erik Åptas gard, Eriksen Lars bruk, Eriksen Laurit bruk, Espeland, Fagervoll, Fulland, Gautland, Gjeidebakkan, Gjersdal Lille, Gjersdal Store, Gjervolstad, Gjestgivergarden, Gjestjiveriet, Grimestad, Gulluf Gunnarsens gard, Gunnarsen Jon gard, Gunnarsen Lars gard, Gunnarsens Gulluf gard, Gunnarsens Kristen gard, Hans Stålesens bruk, Hansen Jacob gard, Haugen, Havåsen, Heimre Tosås, Holmen, Hoveland, Høyland, Håland Laurits bruk, Indre Sæveland, Jacob Hansen gard, Jakob Simonsens bruk, Jakob Tollaksens gard, Jakobsensgard Lars, Jensens Peder bruk, Jofrid Åptas gard, Jon Gunnarsens gard, Jon Jørgensens gard, Jonsen Bent bruk, Jonsens Ommund gard, Jørgensen Jon gard, Kalvehagen, Kalvenes Austre, Kalvenes Vestre, Kjørkebråde, Kjørkleiv, Klungland, Klunglandsheia, Knudsen Børel bruk, Kraben, Kringlemyra, Kristen Didriksens gard, Kristen Gunnarsens gard, Kristen Mortensens gard, Kristenshagen, Kristoffer Nilsens gard, Kvennviga, Kvåle Nedre, Kvåle Øvre, Kvåle, Kvålsheia, Lars Eriksens bruk, Lars Gunnarsens gard, Lars Jakobsensgard, Lars Larsens bruk, Lars Olsens gard, Larsen Lars bruk, Larsen Mikkel gard, Lauland, Laundal Nedre, Laundal Øvre, Laundal, Laurits Eriksens bruk, Laurits Hålands bruk, Laurits Torbjørnsens gard, Lauviga, Legevollen, Lille Gjersdal, Litland, Litlandsstranda, Litle Skjoldal, Logsheia, Lundemyr, Mads gard, Mads Torkelsens gard, Madsen Nils gard, Meland, Mikkel Larsens gard, Mortensen Kristen gard, Mortensen Salve gard, Møllebruk, Nedre Austad, Nedre Kvåle, Nedre Laundal, Nedre Åpta, Nils Madsens gard, Nils Nilsens gard, Nils Sørensens gard, Nilsen Anders gard, Nilsen Kristoffer gard, Nilsen Nils gard, Nilsen Ola gard, Nordli, Nyborg, Oddsen Tjøl bruk, Ola Nilsens gard, Ola Reiersens, Ola Åptas gard, Ole Ansteinsens gard, Ole Torkelsens gard, Olsen Lars gard, Olsen Sveinung gard, Om Prestegarden, Ommund Jonsens gard, Ospelunden, Oygarden, Peder Jensens bruk, Peder Pedersens bruk, Pedersens Peder bruk, Porsemyra, Poståpneriet, Reier Svindals gard, Reier Åptas gard, Reiersen Ols, Reiersens Anders gard, Ryggåsen, Røynskogen, Røynåsen, Saltnes, Salve Austads bruk, Salve Mortensens gard, Sande, Sanders gard, Sandsheia, Sandviga, Saudan, Saudland, Saudlandsheia, Seland, Simonsen Bjørn gard, Simonsen Jakob bruk, Sjøli, Skjoldal litle, Skjoldal Store, Skoletomta, Skomaker Anders bruk, Skåra, Slåta, Spelevollen, Stadnamn, Steian, Store Gjersdal, Store Skjoldal, Strånnebakkan, Stølen Ytre, Stølen Øvre, Stålesen Hans bruk, Sveinung Olsens gard, Svindal Reier gard, Svindal, Sæveland Indre, Sæveland ytre, Sørensen Nils gard, Tjøl Oddsens bruk, Tollaksen Jakob gard, Tollefs gard Torgjørnsen Laurits gard, Torgrims bruk, Torjesen Ånen gard, Torjus gard, Torjus Torjussens gard, Torjussen Torjus gard, Torkelia, Torkelsen Mads gard, Torkelsen Ole gard, Tosås Austre, Tosås Heimre, Tosås Vestre, Tosås, Tosåsstranda, Tuan, Vaddelia, Vedremark, Vestre Kalvenes, Vestre Tosås, Vollan, Ytre Stølen, Ytre Sæveland, Øvre Austad, Øvre Kvåle, Øvre Laundal, Øvre Stølen, Øvre Åpta, Øyvindsel, Ånen Torjesens gard, Ånensen Brønjel bruk, Åpta Erik gard, Åpta Jofrid gard, Åpta Nedre, Åpta Ola gard, Åpta Reier gard, Åpta Øvre, Åpta, Åsen

Probate Records

Lister og Lyngdal
*1666-1889 Family History Library
*1666-1810 Digitalarkivet

Lyngdal judical district
*1810-1910 Digitalarkivet

Lista deanery
*1804-1834 Family History Library
*1804-1834 Digitalarkivet


Oluf Rygh: Norwegian Farm Names

Rudjord, Kåre og Høyland, Arnfinn.  Herad  Bygda Mellom  Fjorder Og Fjell.  Flekkefjord:  S. Bern. Hegland Trykkeri, A/S, 1977.