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Many informative websites for international family history research are found on the Internet. Depending on the country, they may include research instructions, reference material, indexes to church-, civil-, and other records, document images, and transcriptions. This article provides a small selection of useful websites. Interested visitors may be able to obtain more information on the FamilySearch Wiki at the respective reference counter in the Family History Library. For European and Hispanic visitors the new FamilySearch site may be helpful. For many countries new names have been added that have never been online before. Go to  and click on “Advanced search“to access better search functions for names. Record Collections for different countries are found under the tab “all collections”. Online family history courses for various countries are available on To access, go to , click on “learn” [top left], the on “research courses”. 

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General information

  • Website addresses change frequently. If an address no longer works, use a search engine to locate the site at a different address, if possible.
  • Foreign-language sites can be navigated more easily with Google translate. Type “” in your Internet browser, then choose the “translate from/ to languages. If you paste the foreign site’s Web address in the “translate” field and click “enter”, the site will come up translated. You can also copy text from the site and paste it in the “translate” window. Google Chrome detects non-English language Websites and asks if you would like a translation.

NOTE: It is not a good idea to use electronic translators for correspondence, such as a request for    information. In those cases it’s best to find someone who can help you write a letter, or to write the request in simple English.

  • A good starting point for any country or family history topic is Cyndi's List



  • Rootsweb - Austrian GenWeb arranged by ancient Crown land 
  • Genteam – various indexes for Vienna and surrounding area, and a gazetteer for modern-day Austria plus Bohemia and Moravia. Requires free registration and a user-name and password. 
  • Friedhoefewien - Index to cemeteries in Vienna


  • Geneaknowhow portal to digital resources for Belgium and the Netherlands. Click on “digital resources”.


  • - You can search this database by name and town.
  • – Click on a department to get the link to the on-line archive. Each department works differently. Departments with online archives are coded in blue. Not all have online archives
  • - Portal to French genealogy websites 
  • - All about French surnames and surname distribution 
  • – provides information about different record types, research information, how to order certificates.


  • – in German: genealogienetz , Internet portal for German research (both links open the home page. (For the English-language home page, use genealogy) This Web site includes a Wiki, digital library of genealogical resources, several databases, and close to 300 online town genealogies.
  • adressbuch - Berlin address book from 1799-1943 available with images.
  • - Tools for genealogy east of the Oder-Neisse river


  • Lancione-laura - Italian genealogy links, surname boards and more.
  • (transcribed vital records of Italian towns - This list is specifically composed of websites or email addresses that represent the transcription of hundreds or thousands of records; birth records, marriage records, death and baptisms all over Italy. Occasionally, digital images are provided. A great website!)
  • Italia.indettaglio (Italian surname search engine. For each province all of the towns will be listed where the surname occurs, ordered via a numerical value representing the estimate of the number of individuals having the requested surname.)
  •  Operaduomo (Scanned images of baptisms from Florence from 1482-1900 – just for fun)


  • Roots - Genealogical data from Luxembourg
  • Luxracines - genealogy and local history in Luxembourg

The Netherlands

Many other provincial or city archives have put indexes and records online. Check the website for archive addresses of interest.


  • - Access images of Roman Catholic church records and municipal records (civil births, marriages, deaths) for several provinces


  • - Swiss Family History on the Internet, with links to many other helpful Websites; multi-lingual
  • - index to genealogies compiled by Julius Billeter [note: Billeter’s compilations have all been filmed and are available at the Library. Check the surname in the FamilySearch Catalog for film numbers.
  • - Swiss genealogy on the Internet  
  • - Swiss Society for Jewish genealogy


Czech Republic

All church records are housed in the state archives. Check the gazetteer available on  (see: “Austria”) to learn which archive has the records for your town of interest. Several archives have been putting their church records on the Internet. The easiest way to access these collections is to go to the FamilySearch Wiki(just type in “” and it comes up); enter “Czech” in the search box and the click on the link to the Czech portal page. Links to online databases are listed under “research tools”.
Other helpful links include:

  • - Czechoslovak Genealogical Society International
  • Genealogienetz. - genealogy in the Sudetenland [German], has a list of towns and parishes with a parish register inventory
  • - Czech State Archives website [has English interface]
  • Shon - Czech Research Outline



  • - surname maps for Poland
  • - Poznan marriage project; indexes marriages found in Lutheran and Catholic church records of Poznan region (1820-1889); has links to similar projects for Przodkowie, Pomorze, and Geneteka
  • Main Page - go to “learn” then “research courses”, then click on Poland (right side) videos explaining research in Poland (in English)
  • - find addresses of civil registration offices
  • – database of church records held in state archives
  • – inventory of state archive holdings by record collection
  • - genealogy of Halychyna and Eastern Galicia
  • history and genealogy of Galicia, with some databases


  • - resources and links for genealogy in Latvia from 1800 to 1950
  • - Raduraksti –Latvian records online, free registration required. It contains the 1807 Census, church records of various denominations, revision lists ; Interfaces in several languages


  • – Lithuanian Global Genealogical Society; site includes approximately 75 databases with over 45,000 names
  • - links to “digital cultural heritage”, includes some parish registers


  • - Genealogical Society of Estonia, English available
  • - links to digitized Church records; in Estonian

Belarus, Russia, Ukraine

  • - Go to “learn” then “research courses”, and choose “Russia research” for video classes explaining research in Russia (in English)
  • - National and provincial archives
  • - Russia GenWeb; includes links to some informative pages
  • - Index to Greek Catholic localities in L'viv Consistory (many records available on microfilm)



  • - first Serbian website dedicated to family history of the Western Balkans
  • - website of the Serbian Genealogical Society

Germans from Russia and Volhynia

  • - American Historical society of Germans from Russia (original focus on Volga Germans)
  • - The Center for Volga German Studies at Concordia University
  • - a lot of resources, including indexes, extracts, history, gazetteers etc.
  • - Germans from Russia Heritage Society (original focus on Black Sea Germans
  • –German settlements in Volhynia
  • - Society for German Research in Eastern Europe, has links to parish lists, histories, photos, various research helps



  • - Danish Demographic Database. This website is used primarily for the census database. Genealogical information is being extracted from the Danish censuses. The information can be searched in English and for free.
  • - Danish Church Records on the Internet. At this site you can access digitized images of the parish books.
  • - The National Archive homepage contains links to the regional archives around Denmark. The site also offers research tools such as gothic handwriting examples.
  • - Sognetræf. At this site you can connect with other people who are researching in the same parish that your ancestors came from. It a great site to post queries.


Two helpful Swedish web sites are Genline and SVAR . Both of these web sites have digitized images of the Swedish Lutheran Church Records online. Both are subscription Websites, except for patrons at the Family History Library in Salt Lake City, where they are available at each computer station. 


  • - Norway Digital Archives – includes census-, church, probate-, and various military records. Growing collection.
  • - Norwegian Historical Data Centre; includes census records and more


Iceland - Iceland genealogy site



  • -portal for genealogy in many different countries
  • - Hispanic GenWeb in Spanish with links to various countries
  • -links to genealogy resources by topic and country (some links don’t work)
  • – genealogy links sorted by country; includes some pedigrees. Some links don’t work. There are links for various European countries and ethnic groups as well.


  • - general information and links to records and databases, including immigration


  • Family Millions of church records are available on FamilySearch with searchable index and browsable images
  • Brazil Websites - links for genealogical research in Brazil, including archive addresses


  • CEC.uchile.#Buscadores links for family history research in Chile [note: the “more direct link” listed on the page does not work








  • Links to genealogy websites in various Asian countries, India, the Philippines, and the West Indies




  • Families in British India research organization
  • British Library India Office Family History Research includes links to 300,000 births, marriages, deaths in India Office records – bias towards Britons and Europeans




South Africa

South African Family Tree- over 4,000 compiled families

Wiki articles describing an online collection is found at: