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2. Introduction
3. Headers
4. Lists
5. Nesting Lists
6. Links
7. Broken Links
9. Categories
10. Images
11. Images (cont.)
12. Image Links
13. Images and Text
14. Paragraphs
15. Inline Styling
16. Changing Fonts
17. Font Colors
18. Font Bold-Italics
19. Multi-attributes
20. Backgrounds
21. Padding
22. Div Tag - Intro
23. Margins
24. Borders
25. Width and Height
26. Alignment - Horizontal
27. Tables
28. Breadcrumb Trails
29. Ref/Footnotes
30. SEO
31. Patrolling Coding

1. Table - Borders
2. Tables - Widths
3. Tables - Captions
4. Tables - Col Labels
5. Tables - Cells
6. Tables - Rows
7. Tables - Placement
8. Tables - Sorting
9. Tables - Scrolling
10. Tables - Col Spans
11. Tables - Row Spans
12. Alignment - Vertical
13. Templates
14. Infobox - Creating
15. Infobox - Placing
16. If functions
17. Sidebars
18. Navboxes
19. Position - Relative
20. Position - Absolute
21. Image Maps
Flexbox Training
Additional Helps

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What is a sidebar

  • The list of chapters to the left is a sidebar.
  • Sidebars contain a quick list of links to other pages that go into detail on the subject selected.
  • A place where you can navigate to the other pages without having to search for them.
  • Like infoboxes, sidebars are templates with a special use.

How sidebars differ from infoboxes

  • They are usually saved on the left side of the page as opposed to the right for infoboxes.
  • They usually contain a list of clickable links (internal or external), as you see, on the sidebar to the left.
  • They sometimes have a place to add announcements or additional information of interest.
  • They are floated to the left so text and other material may float alongside on the right.

How to create a sidebar

  • Sidebars are templates and created in the same manner.
  • If the sidebar only contains a list of links, using list format will do in most cases.

Adding News and Events

  • Sometimes these sidebars allow for announcements or additional information to be added and edited.
  • To add information to sidebars, we use our parameter coding.

Let's create a sidebar with the ability to add announcements and we will format it with a one column table:

News and Events
News and Events
  • Topic one
  • Topic two
Did You Know?
{{{items of interest}}}

Here is the coding; it should look familiar:

{| style="width:150px; background-color:#F4F1FB; border:1px solid gray; float:left"
|style="width:140px; text-align:center; background-color:#E6E6FF" | <center>News and Events</center>
| {{{news and events|News and Events}}}
|style="width:140px; text-align:center; background-color:#E6E6FF" | <center>Topics</center>
*Topic one
*Topic two
|style="width:140px; text-align:center; background-color:#E6E6FF" | <center> Did You Know?</center>
| {{{items of interest}}}

Saving the sidebar

To save the sidebar template, use the word "sidebar" somewhere in the title like so:

template:Events sidebar

CAUTION: When doing your sidebar exercise, be sure to adhere to the restrictions for saving a template when saving your work. See sample below and refer to Ch 18-Templates.

Template:User:your username/sandbox/Events sidebar

Placing the sidebar

  • It is placed or embedded just like any other template.
  • If there are any parameters, they need to be included in the coding for the template; in this case the parameters News and Events and Additional Information.
  • The normal placement coding for a saved sidebar template is:
{{Events sidebar

| News and Events =
| Additional Information =

  • NOTE: When doing your sidebar exercise, place the sidebar template into your sandbox with the following code:
{{User:your username/sandbox/Events sidebar

| News and Events =
| Additional Information =


Try these out


Here is an existing infobox. Copy and paste this coding in your sandbox and fill out the information for the county you were born in:

  • This an existing infobox for US Counties. You will not need the brackets or the word "File" placed in the required image.

{{Infobox U.S. County
| county =
| county_map =
| state =
| state_map =
| founded year =
| founded date =
| seat wl =

Quick Quiz
  • Once the information after the equal signs is entered and saved, there is no changing the parameters.
A. True
B. False
  • Infoboxes can only be used on county pages.
A. True
B. False
  • Infoboxes are limited just to genealogical organizations.
A. True
B. False