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Placing images on pages[edit | edit source]

Handcart pioneers

Pictures are worth a "thousand words". They also liven up and make a page far more interesting to look at. A page of straight text will often turn people away from reading your material no matter how informative the material may be. Try to use images when possible to illustrate the concepts in your articles.

Images must all be approved[edit | edit source]


The only images allowed in FamilySearch Wiki are those accepted by FamilySearch Wiki. All images must be approved before they can be placed in any article. The process for submitting images and the conditions for their acceptance is explained here.

The number of images you can put on a page is unlimited, but common sense and good taste should dictate how many and where they should be placed.

How to embed an image[edit | edit source]

Since the approved images are stored in the FamilySearch Wiki, we link to them with an internal link:

[[File:Handcart pioneers.jpg]]

  • The image is stored under the name "File:Handcart pioneers.jpg." You must use this name in the internal link for the image to show up on the page.
  • NOTICE the name of the image "File:Handcart pioneers.jpg" starts with the word "File" and a colon.
  • The extension ".jpg" must be in the link.
  • The word "image" can be used in place of "file."
  • NOTICE the default position of images are on the left side of the page.

Size of image[edit | edit source]

  • When images are accepted by FamilySearch Wiki, they are stored in the size they were submitted. For example: If an image was 3000 pixels wide when it was submitted for approval, it will be stored at that size.
  • If we did not limit the size of the image below, it would appear like this on the page:

Ireland Cemeteries 1.jpg

  • The size of the image overwhelms the page so we must have a way to reduce its size.
  • We will have to limit the size of the image so it will fit on the page. For our example, we will limit the image to 200 pixels wide. Here is the code:
[[File:Ireland Cemeteries 1.jpg|200px]]

  • This is how the image appears now:

Ireland Cemeteries 1.jpg

  • This size is more manageable.

Image placement on a page[edit | edit source]

Default position is on the left side of the page as mentioned and shown on the previous page.

Image on the right[edit | edit source]

Ireland Cemeteries 1.jpg

What if we want the image on the right side of the page? Enter this coding to the link of the image:

[[File:Ireland Cemeteries 1.jpg|200px|right]]

  • Now it is on the right side of the page.
  • You can also center the image by replacing "right" with "center".

Try these out[edit | edit source]

  • Place this [[File:Ireland Map.gif]] image on your sandbox page and limit the size to 200 pixels.
  • Place this [[File:Ireland Countryside.jpg]] image on the right side of your sandbox page and limit the size to 250 pixels.
  • Place this [[File:Ireland Rebuilding of Tuam Cathedral 1865.jpg]] image between the Ireland Map and the Ireland Countryside image, then limit the size to 600 pixels.

Quick Quiz
  • What size are images stored in the Wiki?
A. 640 pixels
B. Full size as submitted
C None of the above
  • What side of the page is the default position for an image?
A. Left side
B. Under the last item entered on the page.
C. All of the above.
  • How many images can we put on a page
A. Unlimited
B. No more than five
C. No more than ten.