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LESSON STRUCTURE[edit | edit source]

  • This is a set of short lessons designed to teach you how to edit FamilySearch Wiki with the Visual Editor.
  • The lessons are designed to help you learn in small, easy-to-digest bites.
  • There are Exercises and/or Quick Quizzes at the end of each lesson which are designed to give you some experience at using the Visual Editor and to teach you additional information through questions. Please do not pass them up.
  • The left side bar links to topics covered in this course. You can use this as an index to help you find a particular topic covered in these chapters.

WHAT IS VISUAL EDITOR?[edit | edit source]

  • Visual Editor was created to allow people who have little or no knowledge of programming to add material to a Wiki site.
  • It resembles editing in a word processing program.
  • Visual Editor generates wikitext coding, however, the coding generated is very simple and has limitations which can be overcome by learning to code using the wikitext language.

CAPABILITIES[edit | edit source]

  • You can edit or add text.
  • You can place references/footnotes, images, templates, and links (internal and external), as well as change fonts and headers.
  • You can create both bulleted and numbered lists.
  • Often, you will find that editing the material in the Wiki is much easier and faster with Visual Editor.

LIMITATIONS[edit | edit source]

As mentioned, Visual Editor is very limited in its capabilities.

  • For example, you can place images but you have little control as to their size and location in an article.
  • To overcome this and other limitations, you will need to get someone to help you or learn some basic Wikitext yourself.
  • Wikitext is easy to learn and it will greatly increase your capabilities in the Wiki.

TRY THESE OUT . . . .[edit | edit source]

Quick Quiz
  • With Visual Editor you can...
A. Edit text on a page
B. Place an image on a page.
C. Add a reference or footnote.
D. All of the above
  • What can you create in Visual Editor?
A. Paragraphs of information.
B. Tables.
C. Numbered lists.
D. All of the above
  • What does the left sidebar show?
A. A list of topics covered.
B. An index of topics covered.
C. Links to chapters covering the topics.
D. All of the above.