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2. Wiki Introduction
3. Purpose of Wiki
4. Appropriate Topics
5. Wiki Main Page
6. Main Page (Cont.)
7. Research Wiki Tabs
8. Guiding Principles
9. Policies
10. Conditions of Use
11. Manual of Style
12. Article Anatomy
13. How to Contribute
14. My Preferences
15. How to Edit
16. Research in the Wiki

Left sidebar

  • The left sidebar appears on all article pages.
  • It contains links to many important topics in the Wiki.
  • It changes from time to time, so keep an eye on it.

Getting Started

  • Wiki Home - links to home page.
  • Wiki Tools - explanation of some of the tools available in the Wiki.
  • About the Wiki - Detailed description of the research materials available in the Wiki.
  • Online Genealogy Records - A page listing links to online records pages for various countries.
  • Browse by Country - list of links to all countries and the genealogical material the Wiki has for each.
  • Browse all Wiki Content - links to various categories in the Wiki.
  • Resources for Individual Help - connects users with others to get answers to genealogy questions via family history centers and online research communities.
  • Report a Problem - allows patrons to report problems with the Wiki to FamilySearch.

Volunteer and Helper

  • Personal Sandbox - Links to your personal main sandbox page.
  • Upload File/Image - Allows users without the proper rights to upload files and image for approval.
  • Research Resources - List of various research resources for patrons.
  • Adopt a Page - Article describing how to adopt a page.
  • Submit Wiki Content - How to make suggestions for edits or for new material if you do not want to edit yourself.
  • Family History Centers - How to get help from a Family History Center and how to find one near you.
  • Manual of Style - Article describing standards for submitting material to the Wiki
  • Guiding Principles - Link to pages covering what material is suitable for submission to the Wiki.
  • Community News - Announcements concerning the Wiki.
  • Community Meetings - Links to collaborate and interact with FamilySearch employees and community members.
  • Wiki Support - Link to FamilySearch Wiki:The Support Center.
  • Wiki University - Link to lessons on Wikitext, HTML, and Visual Editor.
  • Contact Us - Allows patrons to offer suggestions or ask questions concerning the Wiki.


  • What links here - List of pages that link to the page you are on.
  • Related changes - List of pages that have been edited and are linked to specific pages that you are watching.
  • Upload file - Link for Wiki users to upload images.
  • Special pages - List of reports and various controls, some of which require special user rights to access.
  • Printable version - Creates a version of the page that is printer friendly.
  • Permanent link - Link that will take you to the last edit to this page.
  • Page information - Detailed statistical information about the page.

Try these out


Do these exercises from the main page of the Wiki.

  • Where would you click to be able to print this page?
  • If you wanted to upload an image, where would you click?
  • Where can I click to go to my personal main sandbox?

Quick Quiz
  • The left sidebar appears on the main page with all the same items as on other pages.
  • Adopt a Page is under the Getting Started header.
  • To change the title of an article, you click on the little blue star at the top of the page.
  • To edit in Wikitext, you click on Edit at the top of the page.
  • Upload file is where you can upload images without having to go through Special pages.
  • Talk next to the Page tab is for sending messages to Wiki support about a problem you have with the material in the article.
  • Preferences gives you a list of items that help you to choose what and how you want material in the Wiki displayed on your monitor.