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2. Wiki Introduction
3. Purpose of Wiki
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7. Research Wiki Tabs
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15. How to Edit
16. Research in the Wiki

How to edit

  • Make sure that you sign in to your FamilySearch account.
  • Go to an article that you would like to edit, to correct, or to add information.
  • If you want to edit the entire page or the beginning portion of the page, click on the Edit source tab at the top of the page.
  • You may edit a single section of an existing article by clicking the [edit source] which is next to each section header. It will open the edit window for that section only.

Editing with Wikitext

  • Although users can edit the Wiki using the VisualEditor, Wikitext gives you far more capabilities.
  • To edit in Wikitext, users can click on the [edit source] tab in the tabs .


  • If you make a mistake, don't worry. It's not permanent. Either you can fix it or someone else will fix it. The Family Search Research Wiki is very forgiving of mistakes.
  • It is even possible to revert back to a previous version.

Finishing Up

  • When you have finished editing, scroll down to the bottom and add a short Edit Summary. For example, you can type: "Added links to digital newspapers." You can also set your editing preferences under "Advanced Options" to enable "Prompt me when entering a blank edit summary." This will remind you to enter the edit summary if you leave it blank.
  • While editing, you should use the Show preview button at the bottom to review your work before saving. In the preview text you can check links (being cautious to open in a new tab or you will lose your unsaved edits). You can refresh the preview through the Show preview button as many times as you need to.
  • If you change your mind about editing, click the Cancel option underneath the edit window.
  • When you are satisfied with your edits, click the Save page button. Remember to click on Save page every 10 minutes or so. If you wait much longer the system will drop you.

Other Helpful Editing Preferences

There are several other preferences that are recommended. These are:

  • Enable section editing via [edit source] links
  • Mark all edits minor by default
  • Prompt me when entering a blank edit summary (This will remind you to enter the edit summary if you leave it blank.)
  • You also have the option to show the preview before the edit box rather than after. This is a matter of personal preference so you should decide which way works better for you.
Quick Quiz
  • You can open a page for editing in several ways.
  • If you make a mistake in the Wiki, it is permanent.
  • Your wikitext work saves automatically about every ten minutes.