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FHC Lessons

FHC Wiki Page Policies and Guidelines


Purpose of a Family History Center/Library wiki page

The purpose of a family history center/library wiki page is to disseminate information about the center, including it's operational hours, contact information, classes and services they offer.

Information not allowed on the FHC page

  • Adding extensive information about training for Temple and Family History consultants is NOT appropriate, especially when links to this information includes LDS doctrinal phrases.
  • Information for priesthood leaders should NEVER be listed on a FHC wiki page as all direction is given from priesthood authorities in the area and not by family history centers/libraries.
  • The page should also NOT be used to communicate ward and stake goals or be used by the ward to give announcements or local leadership responsibilities.

NOTE: All changes to Family History Center pages are monitored by FamilySearch staff and inappropriate information as described above will be removed.

LDS doctrinal information in the Research Wiki

  • LDS doctrinal information does NOT belong on the pages of this Wiki.
The wiki audience is world-wide, to individuals of many faiths, who love genealogy for the sake of genealogy work. The FHC Wiki page is not a place to put information about LDS doctrine. This includes PowerPoint presentations and other documents that may include doctrinal information in them. See the Wiki Purpose and Appropriate Topics for more information.

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