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Additional Helps


One of our main source of questions from the contributors and patrons of the FamilySearch Wiki come to us in Salesforce.

After you sign in click drop down under the FamilySearch icon in upper left of the page then click Service Cloud Console. Then click cases.


There is another drop down just below the cases box. Click on the lower drop down. Here you will find 5 links to the pages that have links to case for our Team. If your dropdown does not show these 5 contact supervisors to get it corrected.

The 5 drop downs

MY Cases Worked- These are the cases I have worked. So I can go back to all the cases I have accepted and look up that happened (This is like the history page)
MY Open Cases- I can find my accepted cases here. All cases I have accepted but not finished.
Recently Viewed Cases- Just like your recently added in your computer
Support-Wiki Image/Doc approval- This is where we review and approve images and files submitted to the Wiki.
Support-Wiki Support- This is our main cases. We will look at these first.

Working Cases

Wiki Support will bring up all the present cases.
First Ask is this a case for our group? Some are not cases for our team.

If this is Not our case Transfer it

Some Reasons they are not for us.
  1. The question is about Indexing, Research Or Historical Collections
  2. The patron has a technical problem only.
  3. The patron is asking a question about something outside the Wiki.

Steps to transfer a case:

  1. Go back to Support-Wiki Support by clicking on Cases link. This takes you back to the Support-Wiki Support List
  2. Click on the box on the left side of the case to be transferred
  3. Now click on the Change owner just above cases. This will bring up a Change Case Owner page
A. Click the box on the left middle to Send Notification Email. This give a notification to the other team that a case is for them.
B. Next the first box on the left that says user. You can choose to transfer to one of the other members of the team. Click their name and save. Otherwise click the dropdown and change the owner to queue. This is a different team
C. For the list of the other teams click on pin list on right and find the correct queue and click.
D. Finally click save.

Accept the Case

If this is a case for the Wiki Support team. Either answer the question and/or fix the problem.

  • Answering questions and/or Fixing the problem
  1. In answering the question go to the page that the question is about. This may be an article or a help page or both.
  2. You also have Knowledge documents on the right side that may be used to answer the questions and can be attached to the Email, however at present there are problems using this.
  3. You can correct the problem or answer the question yourself
  4. Then copy the URL of the page after the problem is corrected. This can be placed in the return email to inform the patron that the problem has been solved.
  5. Finally go back to the case click Email. Write to the patron answer their question using the URL. See below a letter form to use to create an answer to a patron.
  • There are those we can't solve but ask for help, the group may have a solution. If not still send a reply and let the patron know the situation.
  • Some patrons do not give us all the information to solve or work on the problem. Send a reply asking the questions or request the information.
  • There are a few cases we can't ever figure out. Do your best but don't be hard on yourself, give the group a chance to help, then let go.

Letters that you could use to answer the Patron

Try these out

Quick Quiz
  • All the question from patrons come to the Wiki Team in the Wiki.
  • Some cases have to be transferred to other teams.
  • We may need E-mail to ask the patron for more information.

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