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These links are usually to articles that have not actually been written. Someone may have thought they would write an article on this topic, but never got around to it. For links to pages that have not actually been written we ask that you might consider writing some of them yourself. They are found in two ways:

  • First, on a list called Special:WantedPages. Here you can pick something of interest or that you may have knowledge of and create an article for it.

  • Second, at the bottom of county pages there is a "Links to .... " box. Here you can select a item and write an article about it. If your a moderator of a county page, you might consider creating articles for the links in red in your links box.

What are the subjects of the articles these links link too?[edit | edit source]

  • Many of these links were to go to historical articles on various parts of the country, such as county histories.

  • Many were for histories of various trails and roads showing how people move from place to place.

You can write them yourself[edit | edit source]

  • To author these articles, you can gather material from the various histories that exist on the Internet or in Wikipedia.

  • Many of these articles, such as in Wikipedia, are quite long so be prepared to condense them down into your own words. Your article should give only critical details and be to the point. These articles need not be long.
  • IMPORTANT: If it is a history of a place, be sure to point out where its settlers came from. This may give the reader a clue as to where to where to look next to discover previous generations. Include how the folks arrived in the area and by what routes they may have taken to get there. Back tracking on these routes also give clues as to where people came from. You may want to tell us why they settle there in the first place. If the area was settled by particular groups, you might tell us from what part of the old country they may have come from.

  • ALSO IMPORTANT: When describing a route or trail, be sure to give details as to exactly what areas it ran through. This will help the researcher to know where to look for places where their ancestor may have stopped off short of the end of the trail or road.
  • If you want to quote extensive material from other articles, you may need to get permission.

Include where you got your material for your article[edit | edit source]

  • Be sure to give credit as to where you found the information you used in your article. Use <ref>Source of Information</ref> tags at the end of a quote or a paragraph that is a summery.

List links to other sites[edit | edit source]

  • Be sure to include a list of links to the sites from which you gathered material
  • Find and link to others sites that also give additional information of the place or immigration route you are writing about that might be of interest to genealogists

How to create a page for links in red[edit | edit source]

If you would like to write one of these articles but not sure how to create it? Follow these easy steps:

  • Chick on the link you want to write an article for.

  • What appears on the screen is “Editing (the name you just typed in).”

  • In the blank area below the header box is where you either type in your subject material or download text that you may have type in a word processing program. (This by the way is the best way to create text before you insert into your newly created article.)

  • Next place any images you want by typing code similar to the following:

  • [[Image:name of approved image.jpg|thumb|(position “right” or “left” side of the page)|250px (size of image in pixels)|<center>Type caption if you have one</center>]].

  • For example [[Image:MontgomeryKY.jpg|thumb|right|250px|<center>Montgomery County Kentucky County Building</center>]]. Actual image:

  • Please note: All images must be approved by FamilySearch Wiki before you can use them. See: Help:Submitting Images for Approval.

  • Place the images on the page along side of the text where you want it.

  • Be sure to break up the text with headers very so often so the article will be not a solid page of text. (Notice how this article was put together).

  • Use bullet points often to make important paragraphs standout. To insert a bullet point, just type a "*" in front of the paragraph. If you want to number the paragraphs type a "#" in front of the paragraph.

  • If the article is not your own creation, be sure to reference the source from where you got your quotes or paragraph containing your paraphrases.
  • To create a reference type: <ref>name of source</ref>. These references should follow immediately after quotes or your paraphrases.
  • Create a Reference section at the bottom of the page to list your references like so:
The reference you typed between the <ref> and </ref> tags will show here below the "Reference" heading.
  • Finally be sure an give your article a category by typing:

[[Category:Name of category]]