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The Hanau-Lichtenberg family was a German noble family, rulers of the Grafschaft Hanau-Lichtenberg, who had extensive holdings in Alsace (Holy Roman Empire) in present day France and on the right bank of the Rhine River in present day Germany.  When this line was extinguished in 1736 its lands were transferred to Hesse-Darmstadt.

In 1480 the Counts of Hanau-Lichtenberg made ​​Bouxwiller their residence and seat of government.

List of the Counts (Graf) of Hanau-Lichtenberg
1480 — 1736
1.Philipp I., the Elder1480


Philipp II., der Younger



Philipp III



Philipp IV
Under Philipp IV. in 1570 all Hanau-Lichtenberg lands were reunited.



Philipp V



Johann Reinhard I



Philipp Wolfgang



Friedrich Casimir



Johann Reinhard III. (son of Johann Reinhard II., who died in 1666, who was a younger brother of Friedrich Casimir)

Charlotte Christina Magdalena Johanna, the only daughter of Johann Reinhard’s III., married the the Hessian Prince (Erbprinz) and later Landgrave (Landgraf) Ludwig VIII of Hesse-Darmstadt.


Translated from Rathgeber, Julius. Die Grafshaft Hanau=Lichtenberg. Straßburg: Verlag von Karl J. Trübner, 1876, p. 270. The German spelling of the names of the counts was retained.

PUBLICATIONS[edit | edit source]

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ARCHIVES[edit | edit source]

The records of this family as they relate to the territory they ruled in the department of Bas-Rhin, France, are found in

Les Archives départementales du Bas-Rhin is located at (sont situées au):

6 rue Philippe Dollinger 67100 Strasbourg

The new site can be accessed at this web address that has a search engine: Bas-Rhin Archives

Their records are found in series C, G and E at the archives. Sub-series 17 J and 50 J may also be of interest. The actual records are not on-line and are only available at the archives.

TERRITORY[edit | edit source]

The territory of the Grafschaft Hanau-Lichtenberg was centered in Alsace with several districts (Ämter) on the east side of the Rhine River across from Strasbourg. The capital was ​​Buchsweiler (now Bouxwiller, France).

Territorium der Grafschaft Hanau-Lichtenberg (Wikipedia deutsch) list of the land under the rule of the Counts of Hanau-Lichtenberg.

Germany[edit | edit source]


France[edit | edit source]

Bas Rhin

[edit | edit source]

Comté de Hanau-Lichtenberg (Wikipédia en français)

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