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Vest-Agder County

Guide to Gyland, Norway ancestry, family history, and genealogy: birth records, marriage records, death records, census records, and military records.

Church Records

See Bakke Clerical District.

Census Records

This census was taken by the local parish priests. It lists the name of the farms, names of farm owners (including widows), the sons of the farm owners, male farm hands, cottagers and their sons, and the ages of each person. There was another census taken by the civil authorities at this same time. Both censuses should be searched as they supplement each other. This clerical census is more complete.

This census was taken by the local civil authorities. It lists the names of the farms, farmowners (including widows), sons of farm owners, male farm hands, cottagers and sons of cottagers and the age of each person. The clerical authorities took a census during this same time period. Both censuses should be used as they supplement each other. The clerical census is more complete.

The census of 1701 was taken for military purposes. It lists only the males living in rural districts who were over the age of one year. It includes the farm name, name and age of the owner, names and ages of sons and servants. Also includes the residence of all unmarried males living away from home when the census was taken.

An extract of the 1718 census for the parishes Bakke, Tonstad, and Gyland in Vest-Agder county.

The 1801 census for Bakke clerical district includes Bakke, Øvre Sirdal, and Tonstad parishes. It lists the farm name, person's name, position in the household, age, marital status, and occupation.

This census contains the persons name, residence, status in the family, occupation, sex, martial status, place of birth, religion if not a member of the state church, and other miscellaneous information. Each book usually contains one clerical district (prestegjeld). In some books there are two clerical districts recorded. The parishes and school districts in each clerical district are listed at the beginning of each book.

This 1875 census contains the persons name, residence, position in the family, occupation, sex, marital status, year of birth, place of birth, religion if not a member of the state church, and other miscellaneous information.

This census contains the persons name, sex, resident or temporary resident, temporarily absent and where person is, position in the family, marital status, occupation, year of birth, place of birth, citizenship, religion, and other miscellaneous information.

Court Records

Land Records

Farm Books

Farm Names

The farm number and name of the farms listed in Oluf Rygh Farm Name Index in about 1900 were as follows:

77 Aatland 69 Birkeland 68 Budal 53 Dunsæ 57 Eigaas lille 59 Eigaas store 53 Eigedal 83 Eigeland 95 Eighom 67 Eitland 65 Eitlandskleven vestre 90 Espeli 63 Faasdal vestre 82 Fedaag 92 Fedjesdal 94 Fremreslaatten 89 Grøtteland 99 Gyland 60 Hammer nordre 101 Hammer østre 99 Haugan 97 Hegland 58 Hellestøl 91 Homme 80 Jellesæ 86 Klatten 61 Klungland nordre 85 Klungland østre 88 Krosli 93 Kumlevold 73 Lavstøl 98 Li 54 Listøl 72 Mydland 94 Nedland 62 Netland 78 Nuland 96 Ronaas 75 Rygg 56 Røssestøl 71 Sandvand 87 Seland 70 Seljord 63 Storevold 99 Storevold 75 Stølsdalen 84 Tesaag 76 Tømmerli 74 Uglandskar 100 Urdal 79 Voilaas 81 Øiestøl 55 Øisæ

The farm names listed in Lars Fr. Nulands  Bygdebok For Gyland were as follows:

Alvsætta, Anders Nilsson, Anderssons Torjus ætta, Andersætta på Skeia, Andreas Ivarson, Andreas Sigbjørnson Ola, Asbjørnsætta, Atlaksætta, Austre bruket, Austre Fosdal, Austre Harmar, Austre Klungland, Bakke, Bauvardsætta, Bergitte Tollevsdotter d.e., Bergtun, Berje-ætta, Berkjeland, Birkeland, Borte der, Brent Eitland, Bruka øvre, Bruket Indre, Bruket nedra, Budal, Bureising, Bø, Bøkkarverkstad Gyland, Danielsætta, Der borte, Der heima, Der ude, Didriksætta, Dunsæ, Eibrand Netland, Eigedal, Eigeland, Eigås litle, Eigås store, Eikhom, Eiriksætta, Eitland, Eitland Brent, Eitland som, Utferdsstad, Eitlandskleiv, Eitlandsplassen, Eivindsætta, Eliasætta, Ellingsons Gabriel bruk, Ellingsætta, Espeli, Fedjestad, Fedog, Fosdal austre, Fosdal Slave, Fosdal vestre, Fossheim, Fredheim, Fredrik Tostenson, Gabreil Ellingsons bruk, Gaseætta, Grøtteland, Gunnarsætta, Gunnarsøner, Sigbjørn og Tønnes, Gunnufsætta, Gyland, Gyland Bøkkarverkstad, Gylands Ola T bruk, Hagevollen, Hamar nordre, Hansætta, Harmar austre, Haugen, Heggland, Heima der, Hellestøl, Hestehandlarar, Hestmry, Hjelleset, Homma, Homma Kristian, Houan, Houen, Hårvardsætta, Indre bruket, Isaksætta, Ivarson Andreas, Ivarsætta, J O Åtlands ætt, Jakob Tønnesson Rygg, Jakobsætta, Johan Seljord, Johannes Nilssons ætt, Johannesson Tønnes, Jonsætta, Kilamo, Kjetil Tollevson, Kjetilsons Ola burk, Kjetilsætta, Klatten, Kleiva, Kleiva Vestre, Klungland austre, Klungland nordre, Knut og Tollev Knutson, Knut Tollevson, Knutson Knut og Tollev, Knutsætta, Kongevoll, Krabbebruket, Kristian Homma, Krogan, Krossli, Kyrkjeskarbruket, Lars Knutson, Larsætta, Lars-ætta, Larsætta med Unnevollbruket, Lavstøl, Li, Li nedre, Li øvre, Lian, Listøl, Litle Eigås, Løvland, Mydland, Mælestebruket, Nedland, Nedra bruket, Nedre Li, Nedre Temli, Nedregarden, Netland, Netland Eibrand, Nils Toresons bruk, Nilsson Anders, Nilssons Johannes ætt, Nilsætta, Nordbø, Nordre Hamar, Nordre Klungland, Norheim, Nuland, Nybygg, Nyvoll, Nævdalen, Ola Andreas, Sigbjørnson, Ola Kjetilsons burk, Ola Larsson, Ola T Gylands burk, Ola Tønnesons ætt, Olavsætta, Ola-ætta, Osmundsætta, Per Øyulvson, Persætta, Rasmusætta, Rollufsætta, Ronås, Rugevollbruket, Rygg, Rygg Jakob Tønnesson, Salve Fosdal, Salvesætta, Sandvatn, Sedebergbruket, Seland, Seljord, Seljord Johan, Sigbjørn og Tønnes Gunnarsøner, Sigbjørnson Ola Andreas, Sigbjørnsætta, Sjursætta, Skaret, Skeia Andersætta på, Småhommen, Solstrand, Store Eigås, Stykkjet, Stølen, Stålesætta, Syversætta, Sørbø, Sørheim, Tangheiplassen, Temli, Temli nedre, Temli øvre, Tesåk, Thommosætta, Thormundsætta, Tjøstelsætta, Tollaksætta, Tollev og Knut Kuntson, Tollevsdotter Bergitte d.e., Tollevson Kjetil, Tollevson Tønnes, Tollevsætta, Tollisætta, Toresons Nils bruk, Toresætta, Torjus Anderssons ætta, Torjusætta, Torkellsbruket, Torkellsætta, Tostenson Fredrik, Tostensætta, Tronsbruket, Tønnes Johannesson, Tønnes og Sigbjørn Gunnarsøner, Tønnes Tollevson, Tønnesons Ola ætt, Tønnesson Rygg Jakob, Tønnesætta, Ude der, Udjordsvollen, Uglandskar, Unnevollbruket med Larsætta, Urdal, Utferdsstad som Eitland, Vegeskilet, Vestheim, Vestre bruket, Vestre Fosdal, Vestre Kleiva, Voilås, Vollen, Vollenætta, Ægrå, Øver bruka, Øvre Li, Øvre Temli, Øvregarden, Øystøl, Øysæ, Øyulvson Per, Øyulvsætta, Ånensætta, Åtland, Åtlands J O ætt

Probate Records

Lister og Lyngdal
*1666-1889 Family History Library

Lister judicial district
*1666-1829 Digitalarkivet

Flekkefjord judical district
*1810-1887 Family History Library
*1810-1907 Digitalarkivet

Lista deanery
*1804-1834 Family History Library
*1804-1834 Digitalarkivet


Nuland, Lars Fr.  Bydegebok For Gyland.  Flekkefjord: S. Bern Hegland, 1960.

Oluf Rygh: Norwegian Farm Names