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What is Guided Research?

  • The purpose of the Guided Research pages is to provide a prioritized list of genealogy resources for birth, marriage, and death records as evaluated by FamilySearch professionals for optimized research.
  • The Guided Research project was created for consultants (who know something about genealogy) and provides basic steps to find birth, marriage, and death information for a locality they may not be familiar with.
  • The list of countries or localities created are limited to those with online index collections and is not designed to cover every locality.
  • Guided Research pages can cover a country or other large jurisdiction such as states, provinces or counties.
  • Collections must have significant coverage for the locality for it to be considered to be placed on the main Guided Research page for the locality.
  • The goal of the Guided Research pages and the databases selected for each locality is to have a 60% success rate when searched. Because there are many reasons why you may not find a record for an ancestor (lack of records, loss of records, incomplete database coverage, incorrect indexing, incorrect search perimeters, lack of information, server failures, etc.), the links under What else you can try may help in overcoming these reasons and provide a higher success rate.
  • The What else you can try pages in Guided Research are to provide tips for problem solving when the initial result proves unsuccessful.

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