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How to Access the Records[edit | edit source]

These links take you directly to each collection at the Greek National Archives (GAK or GSA):

Illustrated instructions for using the collections are found in .pdf form at Navigating the General Archives of Greece website to find 1872 Election Lists and See, How to Navigate the Greek National Archives.

Georgia Stryker Keilman has been translating the Vlachogiannis collection into English. The translations can be accessed on her website by clicking on the following links for the Index to Greece Historic Election List Archives: ($)

Definition and Time Coverage[edit | edit source]

In 1844, a the Greek Constitution was passed and elections were held to create the first parliament. Registers were kept of names and ages of men over the age of 25, who were eligible to vote. They are organized by locality. There are three different collections:

Information in the Registers Useful for Genealogy[edit | edit source]

The lists are organized by locality, so it that sense they serve a census function. They list men in the locality over age 25 and their age. Some give the name of the voter's father and the occupation of the voter. This 2015 Hellenic Genealogy Conference class, Research in Greece Using Civil and Church Records discusses the differences in the content of the three collections. The Election Registers portion of the class begins 10:40 minutes into the class.