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Oslo County

Guide to Grønland, Norway ancestry, family history, and genealogy: birth records, marriage records, death records, census records, and military records

Church Records

Microfilm at the Family History Library contain parish registers from Grønland parish in Oslo city. Was separated from the Hospital parish and Aker parish in 1862. For earlier records see the Hospital parish.

Images of the church books are online at Digitalarkivet.

Parish History

The area east of Aker river that was annexed to the city in 1857 belonged to Aker parish jurisdiction until 1861. Royal resolution February 16, 1861 created Grønland parish. A part of Bymarka, which was not part of Trefoldighet parish and the new part of the city should be divided into two new city congregations, Gamle Aker and Grønland.

All of the new part of the city east of Aker river to Trondheimsveien should belong to Grønland parish. The parish was to consist of Grønland parish to the north with Oslo annex to the south. The border between the two was Munkebekken, (which was also called Nonneelva, Klosterbekken and Hovindbekken. It came from Hovind and ran south of Botsfengslet).

Oslo Annex became an independent parish in 1880. At the same time the north part of Grønland parish and what had been added to the city in 1877 became Petrus parish.

According to Royal resolution September 28, 1897 the borders of the parish were: Aker river, Schweigaards gate, Harald Hårdrådes plass, Klostergata, Nonnegata, Håkons gate, Åkebergveien, Borggata, Jens Bjelkes gate, Vahls gate, Herslebs gate, Trondheimsveien to Aker river. The resolution also created Kampen parish from Grønland.

The district between Hausmanns bridge, Lakkegata, Vaterlands bridge and the Aker river were given to Vaterland parish in 1899.

In 1907 the area nearest Tøyen park was given to Tøyen parish.

In 1916 the area nearest Aker river was separated as Wexels congregation. This area was taken back to Grønland parish in 1929, but all church ordinances should take place in Vaterland parish.

An area bounded by Åkebergveien, Borggata, Jens Bjelkes gate and Kjølberggata was separated from Kampen parish and given to Grønland.

In 1959 the small church in Vaterland was discontinued. The Royal resolution July 16, 1959 also regulated the boundaries between Domkirken, Jacob and Grønland parishes.