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Germans from Russia
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Germans from Russia

Many family organizations, historical societies, and genealogical societies publish magazines and newsletters. These often include:

  • Family genealogies and pedigrees.
  • Transcripts of local courthouse records, church records, family Bibles, and cemetery records.
  • Helpful articles on research methodology.
  • Information about local records, archives, and services.
  • Book advertisements and book reviews.
  • Research advertisements.
  • Queries or requests for information about specific ancestors, which can help you contact other interested researchers.

Heimatbuch der Deutschen aus Russland

Heimatkalender der Bessarabiendeutschen (Yearbook of History, Genealogy and Cultural Information of former Bessarabian Germans). 1959-. Published by the Hilfskomitees der Evangelish-Lutherischen Kirche, Hannover.

Jahrbuch für auslanddeutsche Sippenkunde (Yearbooks for German Emigrant Genealogy). 1936-. Published by the Deutsches Ausland-Institut (Stuttgart). (FHL book 943 B5dj).

Many of these periodical are indexed and reproduced on the computer Internet sites of their societies. For more details about these Internet sites see the computer part of the “Archives and Libraries” page of this article.