Geometriska Historical Maps of Sweden

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Sweden Gotoarrow.png Historical Maps of Sweden Gotoarrow.png Geometriska Historical Maps of Sweden

04-DIL-18 Skattlägning 1749.jpg

These maps were created between the late 1600's up until about 1750. They show aerial views of cultivation and places of residence.

How to find Geometriska Historical Maps

1. Go to the Historiska kartor section of the Lantmäteriet website (using Firefox - Mar. 2016) at: Historiska kartor

2. You will see 3 search fields on the left side of the screen, and the word ”Sök”. You can use these fields, but it is easier to use the Advanced Search options. Click on Avancerad sökning

3. Leave the default in the Arkiv:* field as: Lantmäterimyndigheternas arkiv

4. Choose a Län:* (County) from the drop down list.For example: Södermanland. If you're not sure of the County name see a list at: Counties of Sweden

5. Click on the little circle next to Socken/Arkivserie (to sort by Socken instead of Kommun)

6. Choose a Socken (parish) from the Socken /Arkivserie:* dropdown list.

7. Then click on Sök

Note: The Välj Åtgärd: drop down list allows you to search for a specific type of map (such as Geometrisk, Storskifte, Enskifte, or Lagaskifte.) If you don’t use the fields Traktnamn, Årtal, or Åtgärd then you see a list of everything that is available for the parish.

8. After you click Sök, you will see a hits list.

  • The link to see the map is in the first column to the left.
  • The year when the map or documents were made is in the far right column.

You can click on the numbers below the hits list to browse all the hits for this parish, or click on Nästa (Next) or Sista (Last) to move to the next list of hits.

Other Resources


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