Gamle Aker, Oslo, Norway Genealogy

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Oslo County
Gamle Aker

Guide to Gamle Aker, Norway ancestry, family history, and genealogy: birth records, marriage records, death records, census records, and military records

Church Records

Microfilm at the Family History Library contain parish registers from Old Aker parish in Oslo city. Was separated from the Hospital (Gamlebyen and Aker parishes in 1861.

Images of the church books are online at Digitalarkivet.

Parish History

Bymarka originally belonged to Aker clerical disttrict. In 1858 the western part of Bymarka was made part of Trefoldighet parish. The remaining portion of Bymarka and the rest of the area which was added to the city in 1857, was by Royal resolution Feb 16, 1861 used to create two new parishes. They were Gamle Aker and Grønland.

The resolution took the north part of Bymarka and the area between Aker river and Trondheimsveien, that had been annexed as part of the city in 1857, and established Gamle Aker (Old Aker) parish at the Aker church, which was now within the city limits.

The border for Gamle Aker was Trondheimsveien, Aker river, Grunerbrua, Møllerveien, Fredensborgveien, Damstredet, the south part of Vor Frelser Cemetery, Nordahl Bruns gate and Pilestredet to Adamstuen to the north border, which was the 1857 city limits.

By Royal resolution July 10, 1874 the area between Aker river, Trondheimsveien and Sannergata was separated into Paulus parish.

The area between Pilestredet and Fagerborggate, which had earlier belonged to Trefoldighet, was added to Gamle Aker and at the same time that Uranienborg parish was created in 1880. The north part of Gamle Aker was separated to become Sagene parish also at that time.

The Royal resolution September 28, 1897 defined the borders as: Thereses gate, Pilestredet, Nordahl Bruns gate, Rossings gate, Akersveien, Kroken Fredensborgveien, Maridalsveien, Møllersveien, Aker river to Sannergata, Waldemar Thranes gate, Kingos gate, then almost a straight line to the western end of Kierschows gate by the city limit, and then along the city limit to Thereses gate.

The southern part of Gamle Aker was separated by a Royal resolution of November 17, 1916 and used to create Markus parish. Then February 11, 1938 by Royal resolution, the area between Ullevålsveien and Thereses gate was added to Markus parish.