G.W. Brown's Company, Virginia Horse Artillery

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Brief History

  • Organized in August 1862, by dividing Pelham's original company.
  • This unit was assigned to J. Pelham's, R. F. Beckham's, J. Breathed's and R. P. Chew's Battalion of Artillery, Army of Northern Virginia.
  • It was involved in many conflicts from Fredericksburg to Cold Harbor, then participated in the defense of Petersburg and the Appomattox operations.
  • The battery reported 6 casualties at Fredericksburg and 20 at Chancellorsville, had 106 engaged at Gettysburg, and surrendered only 2 in April 1865.
  • Captains G. Wilmer Brown, M. W. Henry, and William M. McGregor.
  • AKA - McGregor's Battery or the Stuart Horse Artillery 2nd Battery



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