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Fugitive Slave Law Court Records - New York and Pennsylvania - National Archives Catalog

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Images of Fugitive Slave Law court records from Record Group 21 Records of the the United States District Court for the District of New York and Pennsylvania. located in the National Archives Catalog.

  • Click on the NAID link for record description of fugitive slave law court record. For each NAID record also click on the "Search within this Series" to see the record image.
NAID Claimant Slave(s) U.S Circuit Court - State
278342 Claim of John McPherson Nat New York
278347 Mary Brown James Hamlet New York
278351 Jacob H. Grove Stephen Pembrook. New York
278355 John Van Orden New York
278359 David Smith Robert and Jacob Pembrook New York
278364 John H. Sothoron Abrahm Harris New York
278367 Edmund Dye New York
278372 Charles Aug. Laurence\Absalom Cline Josiah Hoy and Allen Groff. New York
NAID Claimant Slave (s)
279006 David J. Fuit d, 1855/Edgar H. Jarvis, Attorney Josiah Hoy and Allen Groff. Pennsylvania
279008 William M. Edelin Jacob Dupen Pennsylvania
279011 Robert M. Denison George Fisher Pennsylvania
279013 Wiliam L. Willis Fred Fowler Pennsylvania
279015 Henry Garrnet Pennsylvania
279020 George Chambers Richard and George Green. Pennsylvania
279022 Charles T. Butler Moses Honner. Pennsylvania
279026 Richard Ashby Harrison Jackson alias Jerry Logan Pennsylvania
279028 Robert M. Denison Thomas Lewis, Caroline Lewis, and child. Pennsylvania