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TEXAS HISTORICAL MARKER located at the Fuget Cemetery reads:

This property was part of a 640-acre tract of land patented to Peters Colonist Rowland and Anna Huitt (also Hewitt) in 1843. The Huitts immigrated to this area from Arkansas, and in 1847 Rowland became the second sheriff of Dallas County by filling the unexpired term of his brother John, who died that year.
The oldest marked grave, that of J.H. Snow, dates to 1864. Though unmarked graves may date earlier, members of pioneer Grand Prairie families, infants, and veterans of the Spanish-American War and World War I are among those interred here. The last burial took place in 1951.
According to oral tradition, this graveyard is named after the Fuget (also spelled Fugat, Fugitt) family who lived in this area during the 1800s. Their historic association with the property has not been determined, and no tombstones here bear the surname.
In 1928, 300 acres of farmland surrounding the cemetery were leased by the city of Dallas to the U.S. Army for development as Hensley Field. In 1941 the property became a U.S. Naval Air Station and since 1949, Navy personnel have maintained the graveyard. It is a reminder of the area's early pioneer heritage."

This cemetery is located in Grand Prairie, Texas inside the grounds of the "Dallas Naval Air Station."  This tends to cause some confussion as the Dallas Joint Reserve Base now operates out of Fort Worth. 

Jacob H. Snow (credited above as the oldest marked grave) is the son-in-law to Rowland and Anna Huitt (credited as orginal owners).    He was married to their daughter, Josephine Elizabeth Huitt.  To add a bit more confusion the the equation, Rowland and Anna had a granddaughter, Anna Mae Snow (NOT Jacob's daughter; but rather the daugher fo William Snow & Cynthia Huitt (William was a brother to Jacob Snow; yes, if you are following closly you will realize that brothers married sisters) who married John Todd Fuget; hense the name of the Fuget Cemetery.