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Research Resources

Free internet resources regarding French research:

Brigham Young University Independent Study Online offers general genealogical research classes and French Research at no cost.

FamilySearch Wiki—France Genealogy: Patterned after Wikipedia, this online library is community-based where everyone can share something to assist in genealogical research. These are articles on basic genealogical research and articles specific to France.

A France Genealogical Word List is available at FamilySearch Wiki. Also available are word lists for Latin and German, languages that often appear in French records.

Google Translate is a good source for both small translations and entire websites. Be aware that any word-for-word translation prepared by a computer program is going to have some errors!

Handwriting and French Language

Once you have determined the place of origin and have found searchable records, you will need to familiarize yourself with the various types of French script. In addition to the resources already listed, additional help is available at:

Online FamilySearch Training classes including German, French, Polish, Dutch, Scandinavian and Russian Handwriting Courses, including help on how to convert dates between the Gregorian and French Republic calendar.