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Record Finder

This Record Finder can help you decide which records to search based on the information you are looking for.
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Commonly searched information Records most likely to yield the information Additional records to search
Age Civil Registration, Church Records, Notarial Records, Schools Naturalization and Citizenship, Emigration and Immigration
Birth date and birthplace Civil Registration, Church Records, Notarial Records, Jewish Records Census, Military Records, Cemeteries, Biography
City or parish of foreign birth Naturalization and Citizenship Emigration and Immigration
Boundaries (province, canton, arrondissement, department) Gazetteers, Maps, History Historical Geography, Church History
Death information Civil Registration, Church Records, Notarial Records, Jewish Records Cemeteries, Probate Records, Biography
Emigration information Emigration and Immigration Societies, Minorities
Historical background History, Church History Maps, Minorities
Language helps Language and Languages
Living relatives Directories, Genealogy Societies, Periodicals
Maiden name Civil Registration, Church Records Notarial Records
Marriage information Civil Registration, Church Records Notarial Records, Biography
Naming Customs Names (Personal) Genealogy, Periodicals
Noble families Nobility, Heraldry
Occupations Directories, Church Records, Census Emigration and Immigration, Military Records
Parents, children, and other family members Civil Registration, Church Records, Genealogy, Societies Probate Records, Notarial Records, Biography
Physical description Military Records, Biography
Place-finding aids Gazetteers, Maps Historical Geography
Places of residence Civil Registration, Directories, Emigration and Immigration Census, Voting Registers, Schools, Taxation
Previous research (compiled genealogy) Genealogy, Periodicals, Societies Biography, History, Nobility, Heraldry, Minorities
Record-finding aids Archives and Libraries Societies, Periodicals
Religion Church Records Minorities, Cemeteries
Social activities Social Life and Customs History

Record Types and Beginning Dates

Record Type (English) Record Type (French) Records Begin
Civil registration Etat civil 1792
Church records Registres ecclésiastiques 1525
Census, population registers and tax lists Recensement, centième, denier, registres de la taille et autres registres d’impôts seigneuriaux et royaux 1590
Notarial records Registres notariaux 1300
Genealogical collections Collections généalogiques 1000
Passenger lists, emigration registers and passports Rôles des passagers, registres des émigrés, demandes des passeports pour l’étranger et l’intérieur 1686
Orphan and guardianship records Tutelles, curatelles, émancipations 1500
Naturalization and name change records Lettres de naturalisation et de changements de noms 1635
Feudal and allegiance records Fiefs, terriers, aveux, dénombrements, hommages, reconnaissances des tailles; registres de la justice seigneuriale 1000
Death memorials and cemetery inscriptions Obituaires, registres des cultes anniversaires des décès, et inscriptions mortuaires 1400
Military conscriptions, exemptions, deserters Registres de conscription, dossiers d’exemption, listes des déserteurs 1800
Burgess rolls and guild records Registres de bourgeoisie et corporations de métiers 1300
City directories Répertoires d’adresses 1700
Hospital records Registres des hôtels-Dieu et des hôpitaux 1700
French colonial records Registres d’engagement pour les colonies françaises 1634
Public officials and government employee records Dossiers personnels des fonctionnaires 1525
School records Registres de l’instruction publique, des universités, collèges, sociétés académiques 1300
Convent records Registres des monastères, couvents, abbayes, évêchés 1200