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Most genealogical and historical societies in North America and in France publish magazines and newsletters. The articles often include:

  • Family genealogies and pedigrees.
  • Transcripts or abstracts of local records.
  • Helpful articles on research methodology.
  • Information about local records, archives, and services.
  • Book advertisements and book reviews.
  • Queries or requests for information about specific ancestors that can help you contact other interested researchers.
  • Offers to exchange genealogical research services.
  • Advertisements of professional researchers.

North American Periodicals

There are more than 25 historical and genealogical societies that publish periodicals focusing on French immigrants to North America. These are often published quarterly and may focus on the immigrants to a particular region or state. Some major examples are:

Acadian Genealogy Exchange. 1972-. Published by Janet Jehn, Acadian Genealogy Exchange, 863 Wayman Branch Road, Covington, Kentucky 41015 USA. (Family History Library book 973 B2aca; not on microfilm.) Text in English. It includes Acadian/Cajun families in Canada, Louisiana, and anywhere else in the world.

Je me souviens (I remember). 1978-. Published by American French Genealogical Society, P.O. Box 2113, Pawtucket, Rhode Island 02861 USA. (Family History Library book 973 F25am; not on microfilm.) Text in English. Indexes available through Summer 1985.

Lifelines. 1984-. Published by Northern New York American Canadian Genealogical Society, P.O. Box 1256, Plattsburgh, New York, NY, USA 12901 USA. (Family History Library book 974.7 D25L; not on microfilm.) Text in English.

Les Voyageurs (The voyagers). 1980-. German- Acadian Coast Historical and Genealogical Society, P.O. Box 517, Destrahan, Louisiana, USA 70047 USA. (Family History Library book 976.33 D25L; fiche 6088746-6088753.) Text in English.

You can find additional genealogical periodicals about the French in North America by contacting the genealogical societies in the areas where your ancestors lived. See the "Societies" section. The following book identifies most societies and some of their periodicals:

Bentley, Elizabeth Petty. The Genealogist's Address Book, Baltimore, Maryland, USA: Genealogical Publishing Company, 1995. (Family History Library book 973 D24ben; not on microfilm.) See the "Canadian," "Creole," "French," and "Huguenot" sections.

Another way to identify genealogy periodicals about the French in North America is to search the Subject search of the FamilySearch Catalog under the subject FRENCH - [NATION, STATE, OR PROVINCE], for example, FRENCH - UNITED STATES.

North American Periodical Index

Many magazines have annual or cumulative indexes. A major composite index to some French-Canadian and French-American family history periodicals is:

Periodical Source Index (PERSI). Fort Wayne, Indiana, USA: Allen Company Public Library, 1987-. (Family History Library book 973 D25per; fiche 6016864.) This annual index begins with periodicals published in 1986. There is also a multi-volume retrospective 1847-1985 index (Family History Library fiche 6016863). It indexes about 2,000 English-language and French-Canadian genealogy and local history periodicals published in North America. For Canada, articles are listed by record type within provinces. The families section indexes worldwide surnames alphabetically.

French Periodicals

Many societies and organizations in France publish genealogical periodicals. These are in French. Much of their content is devoted to compiled genealogies of native families. They also are an excellent place to publish queries or advertisements for a lost ancestor from a specific area of France. The last few pages of these periodicals usually include queries, research exchange offers and professional researchers' advertisements. Some major examples of national French genealogical periodicals are:

Héraldique et généalogie (Heraldry and genealogy). 1969-. Published by Héraldique et Généalogie, B.P. 526, 78005 Versailles Cedex, France. (Family History Library book 944 B2h; fiche 6312504.)

Gé[néalogie] Magazine (Genealogy Magazine). 1982-. Published by Editions Christian, 5, rue Alphonse Baudin, 75011 Paris, France. (Family History Library book 944 D25gm; not on microfilm.)

La revue française de généalogie (French Genealogical Review). 1979-. Published by La Revue, 12, rue Raymond-Poincaré, 55800 Revigny, France. (Family History Library book 944 D25r; not on microfilm.)

In addition, excellent departmental and regional periodicals are also available. These include, for example, Généalogie Lorraine (Genealogy of Lorraine), Cercle généalogique de Languedoc (Genealogical Society of Languedoc), and Nord Généalogie (Genealogy of Nord).

French genealogical periodicals about ethnic or religious minorities may also be useful. They include:

Cercle de Généalogie Juive (Jewish Genealogical Society). 1985-. Published by the Cercle de Généalogie Juive, Centre Edmond Fleg, 8bis rue de l'Eperon, 75006 Paris, France. (Family History Library book 944 D25b; not on microfilm.)

Cahiers du Centre de Généalogie Protestante (Notices of the Center for Protestant Genealogy). 1978-. Published by the Society for the History of French Protestantism [Société de l'histoire du Protestantisme Français] 54, rue des Saints- Pères, 75007 Paris, France. (Family History Library book 944 F25c; not on microfilm.)

Bulletin de la Société de l'Histoire du Protestantisme Français (Bulletin of the Society for the History of French Protestantism). 1852-. Published by the Society for the History of French Protestantism [Société de l'histoire du Protestantisme Français] 54, rue des Saints- Pères, 75007 Paris, France. (Family History Library book 944 B2sp, Volume 1-115; film 885700-29 and 885753-58. The index for Volumes 1 to 114 is on Family History Library film 104348.)


Some periodicals have annual or cumulative indexes. Others publish directories of their members' research interests. Some have indexes on the French commercial computer network Minitel (see the "Archives and Libraries" section). French genealogical periodicals are the best place to learn about Minitel's genealogical services.

Obtaining Periodicals

Copies of periodicals are available from the local societies that publish them. Major genealogical societies and libraries with genealogical collections will have copies of many periodicals, particularly those representing the area they serve.

The Family History Library subscribes to numerous periodicals. These are listed in the FamilySearch Catalog in several ways. If you know the title of a periodical, search the Author/Title section of the catalog. More than 50 French regional and departmental genealogical periodicals have titles that start with "Cercle généalogique . . ." (Genealogical society . . .) To find periodicals in the Place search of the catalog, use the following approaches:






See also La généalogie: histoire et pratique, pages 296-306. (Family History Library book 944 D27 , no film notes.)  The name of the periodical is in italics after the name of the society.

Also see the "Societies" section.