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Probate records for Fosen, 1681-1874 judicial district in Sør-Trøndelag county. It includes these places:

  • Osen
  • Roan
  • Stoksund
  • Åfjord
  • Jøssund
  • Bjørnør
  • Nes
  • Bjugn
  • Stjørna
  • Ørland
  • Sandstad
  • Hemne
  • Fillan
  • Kvenvær
  • Hitra
  • Sør-Frøya
  • Nord-Frøya
  • Rissa
  • Stadsbygd

The probate records usually contain the date of probate, name of the deceased, names of heirs, guardians and trustees, inventory lists, land and holdings, and other miscellaneous information.

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