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A ranching community on NM 193, 13 miles northeast of Abbott. Established in 1929, taking the name of its first postmaster, when the Santa Fe Railroad ran a spur to Mt. Dora to support the extensve oil drilling in Colax, Union and Harding counties. The post office was discontinued in 1932.  The townsite was built on land owned by a Texan, who had hoped to make this the place for his home and business, but was prevented by illness. The town tried to make a go of it, in spite of the Depression. The name "Farley" honors a railroad official rather than an early postmaster as some contend.

The town at one time, had: hardware store, lumber yard, 4 grocery stores, 2 restaurants, 2 blacksmith shops, a feed mill, a barber shop, 2 cream buying stations, a garage, 2 real estate companies, an electric light plant, a dairy, a farm implement company, a pool hall, a veterinary, a jailhouse, a baseball club, a grade school and a high school, and 2 newspapers, The Farley Reporter and The Farley Examiner.

Time was not kind to Farley and the town declined, the school was sold and turned into a Boys Town.


Sources: 1. The Farley new Mexico Story by Father Stanley, March 1972.

                  Reprinted in Colfax Communities by William Carroll, Coda Publications 2006.

                  Book available at the Arthur Johnson Memorial Library in Raton, NM., or through the inter library loan system

                  with your local library. Consult World cataloguing system by clicking here.

The following is an alphabetical surname list of interesting persons listed in this story.


Fawn Afraid, actress;

Aladar Bada and family; Albert Bada and family including in-laws; Charley Bada and family, democrat; Charles Bador;

Rev. C. W. Baldwin, preacher; Curtis Barfield and family; Floyd Beard and family; Mose Beihn, barbeque;

Delinda Bishop, pastor; Carolie Blackshear, actress; Duke Blackshear, actor; Arvil Blosser and family;

Bugger Red Bohannon, bronc riding; Trigg Brown and family; Ralph Bryan and family; E.E.Bryant, rancher;

Petunia Bugg, actress; Charles Burns, mule owner;


Mary Callahan, teacher; Dan Clay and family; Bill Coleman and family; Margaret Connelly, high school teacher;

Katherince Conner, teacher; H.E. Corey, Santa Fe railroad depot agent; Jim Curtis, bronc and bull riding, cow pony race;

Ann Davenport; Francis Davenport, actress; Marvis Davenport, actor; R.E. Davis, actor; A.E. Deeds;

J.C. Dillinger and family; Father Ed Donelan, established a Boys Town; Ray Draper, pastor, and family;

Charles Edwards and family; Martha Louise Johnston Edwards;


D.S. Farley, assistant general manager Santa Fe Railroad Eastern Division; Leslie Fields and family;

W.C. Fielden (Feldman), owner general store, and family; Rolland Fleming and family; A.D. Foreman and family;

Doyle Foreman, democrat, farm bureau, and family; Mrs. Foreman, newspaper informant;

Pete Gaines and family, democrat; Farley Gantt, actor; John Gard and family; Vernon George, horse race;

Bob Gillespie and family; Grizzly Grimm, actor;


Jeanette Hall, livestock judge, 4H MC;  Wanda Hall, livestock judge and song leader; Edith Hanna, teacher;

Lindsay Hargraves, horse owner; Shorty Harris, horse race; Harold Heald, actor; Mrs. W.G. Heald, actress;

Carl Hennigan, cow milking; Roy Hoffarth, and family; H.V. Hoffman, constable; Gertrude Holcomb; Ben Houston, barber;

Beatrice Howorth, high school teacher;

J.R. James; Lisle James and family; Peggy James and family; Pete Jameson, wild mule race, rodeo clown;

W.A. Jameson, the firs mercantile store; Charles Jarrett; Frank Jarrett; W.J. Jarrett, original owner of town site;

Eddie Jeffers, livestock judge; Mrs. E.E. Jeffers and family; Sonny Jeffers and family;

J. Ralph Jelt, owner of both newspapers; Bertha Johnson; Jim Johnson; Melvin Johnson, wild mule race, rodeo clown;

John Johnston, and family;


Yow Kee, actor; Bonnie Kissee, teacher; Mae Koll, pastor;

Charles Langley; Carl Little; Joe Loe, boxer;

Clyde Malone, goat roaping; Bob Maness and family; Charley McCarty; Lois McCarty; Phil McConnell and family;

Isola Messick, teacher; Bill Minter, mule owner; Jay Minter and family; Bill Mitchell, calf roping; Marguerite Mone, actress;

Carl Mueller, mule owner; Leo Mueller; Ruth Mueller; Jonas Mullet , and family; H.R.Myers, mail carrier;

Dick Newton and family, democrat; Homer Nolan;


Ted Paddock, cow pony race; Arthur Plunkett; John Poshek, railroad depot agent; Alfred Powell and family;

Roy Powell, and family;

Paul Quillian, actor;

Daisy George Rector, cow pony race; Roy Roberson, cow milking; Lonnie Roberts, and family;

Ed Rochester, boxing referee;  D.C. Sachse and family;

Gene Sauble, and family; Jack Schallner, actor; Clarence Severns, railroad depot agent; Jerry Seward and family;

Kenneth Seward and family; Richard Shaw, and family; H.T. Simpson and wife, actors; George Spurgeon, boxer;

Dick Stevens, cow milking, rancher;


A.A. Taylor and family; Claude Terris, first rodeo; Helen Thomas, actress; Pat Thorne, goat roaping;

Sam Tomlinson, first rodeo, actor; George Turley;

Joe Waddington, boxer; Al Wadlington and family; Danny Weems and family; R.S. West, high school teacher;

Helen Rose Westfall; Ellis Whitaker; Warren Wilkinson; C.H. Wood, high school teacher; Leroy Wood and family;

Ralph Wood and family: Roy Wood and family; Ben Woolley and family; Bill Woolley, cattle rancher;

Oaul Yates, horse owner; Lydia Mullet Yoder, and family;


Individual and Family Photos

Photos, taken in Maxwell before 1930, of identified families and individuals now deceased.

Community Photos

Photos, taken taken in Maxwell before 1930 of unidentified individuals or of places in Maxwell before 1930.