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Having a Family Reunion?

A family reunion is an occasion when many members of an extended family congregate. Sometimes reunions are held regularly, for example on the same date or time every year. A typical family reunion will assemble family, siblings, cousins, uncles, aunts, grand parents, or even great-grandparents for a meal, a visit, with a likely chance of some recreation or other discussions.

If you have had a family get together for a birthday, wedding, funeral or a Holiday like Christmas then you have had a family reunion. This means someone you know already has the experience of organizing some type of reunion!

Truthfully, a more traditional family reunion can be as simple or as complex as you wish it to be. The complications come into play because of timing, location, activities and numbers. The larger it gets the more organized it needs to be.

And there must always be someone in charge and with their core supporters. And please remember that like any children’s birthday party, there will be things that happen not according to the best laid plans. Be willing to be flexible and have a sense of humor!

For those who wish more information to get more ideas there are books and articles on planning, executing and completing a Family Reunion. See list below. And, of course, do not forget those on line sources.

There are web pages that go through the steps of organizing, selecting the type of reunion, dates, guest list, location, budget and many nifty ideas. This includes how to keep people busy and focused on the reunion theme. And you can even buy a family reunion organizer computer program or use online versions.

But I also know other groups that started small and grew based on what their extended family likes to do. They did it based on their life experiences. Remember to focus on what the majority will like to do while having alternate options. Not everyone will enjoy a raw egg toss or a quilting bee!

I know one small extended family that spent time together going on annual cruises or vacations to places like Disneyland and other places. It really helped that a few older members of the family were better off financially. One of them said to me that they were spending their children’s inheritances by building memories. I thought that was rather thoughtful! But very few of us have rich uncles, aunts or grandparents willing to do this.

Are there trick and gimmicks that work for one family that does not work for others? That is an honest truth. While you can find examples of family reunions and what worked for them, be aware of your target audience. Keep focused on your budget, and what it will cost for the people attending. Do not forget transportation to and from with all those living and sleeping issues.

The list below is not everything on the subject. I do not endorse any item on the list. But, it will give you some ideas. Some offer free and some paid material.

What ever type of reunion you have, please enjoy!


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Family Reunion Survival Guide: 26 Tips for Success - It's easy to plan, with our expert tips from A to Z By Chanize Thorpe

How to Organize a Family Reunion - The Family Reunion Institute – Temple University


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Planning programs online

Mister Spiffy’s Reunion Planner. You can get a reunion organizer program for $29.95.

FamilyReunion® the family social network™ You can sign up for free, but there are different levels of cost depending on what you use.

Places catering family reunions and family gatherings

Branson FamilyReunion (Branson, Missouri) An example of a place that provides free information and pay for use facilities.

The Ranch at Rock Creek (Philipsburg, Montana) An example of a facility that hosts, weddings and family activities.