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Family History Library Volunteer Learning Program

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Welcome to the Family History Library volunteer learning program. We are so excited and pleased to have you as a Family History Library volunteer.

Attached you will find the FHL Research Basics checklist with a list of lessons for you to view. Accompanying each of these lessons are activities and knowledge checks. It is required that you view all the lessons, complete all the activities, and do the knowledge checks. The lessons can be found in the Center on or you may click on the links embedded in the FHL Research Basics checklist to take you directly to the lessons.

A checklist of learning materials and other documents to help you learn how to effectively use the FamilySearch Family Tree are found here. You will use all of the documents below to complete the first level of Tier 2 of the Learning Pyramid.

Please review the following materials:

  1. Explanation of Learning Pyramid
  2. FHL Research Basics Checklist The lessons for the Family History Library Research Basics are found in the FamilySearch Help Center. Click here to access the first lesson in the series.
  3. Family Tree Basics Review Checklist
  4. Family Tree Basics Section 2 Activities Please send an email when you are ready to start Section 2 of the Family Tree Basics and we will provide you with the needed PID numbers to complete the activities.
  5. Family Tree Basics Section 4. The following sample files are to be uploaded only to Do not add them to your Family Tree on
  6. Family Tree Basics Section 5 lesson links can be found using the electronic version of Family Tree Basics Review Checklist. The link is found on number 3 above.

You are among the first volunteers to go through our volunteer learning program so any feedback you have about the process and the lessons is welcome and highly encouraged. You do not have to complete all the training before beginning your volunteer service. You may email us at

Welcome aboard!