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Bookstack.jpgThe Family History Library Reference Collection[edit | edit source]

     Each library has a 'special' set of reference books that make research just that little bit easier to not only the patron but the librarians as well. The Family History Library is on a continuous course to have as complete a genealogical collection as possible to aid patrons locate their families while reaching out to the world wide community.

     These pages will provide you with valuable information regarding our reference collection. Reasons for providing this information vary from becoming aware of a resource to perhaps aiding those who are looking for additional materials to supplement their research. Reference books vary from 'Quick-find' resources and guides to detailed additional information on specific record types.

     Many new books and other resources are obtained by the Family History Library on a daily basis, depending on they type of resource determines its location as either a reference book or one that is added to the regular collection.

     It is hoped that this reference collection list will be an additional resource to those in search of their family histories and ancestors.

Family History Library: British Reference Collection

Family History Library: International Reference Collection

Family History Library: US/Canada Reference Collection