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Family Associations, Family Organizations, and Family Societies exist throughout the world, but finding them is problematic. This collection of links to the websites, Facebook pages, and if needed a mailing address, will help you find the organizations that can be helpful in your family history research. Feel free to add an organization or update any that are already listed.

Surname Links & Description
Abbotts Facebook Group: Ann Abbotts Family Ann Abbotts Family and Local History Group
Ackerman Website: David Ackerman Descendants - 1662
DAD-1662 official page
Ackley Website: Ackley Homestead Project
The focus is on the Daniel/Sarah Ackley side of the family tree.

Facebook: Ackley Homestead Project Open group discussions and sharing; extension of website.
Facebook:Ackley Clan A group for all Ackley's by birth or marriage.

Acree Facebook: Acree Family History Project
A group that is a forum for everyone who was born an Acree (or Acrey, Acrea, Acra, Akrie, Acre, Akre - all related)
Adams Website: Adams Family Association
Site for Moses & Martha Adams and their fourteen children.
Facebook: Adams Family History
A group for all descendants of Moses & Martha Adams of Wilton, ME
Adamson Facebook: Adamson Family Connections
A group for descendants of August Adamson, of the Varmlands, Sweden.
Addenbrooke Facebook: Addenbrooke Family Genealogy
A Page for contributing family photos, genealogy vitals ie names, dates, bmd; documentations and stories.
Adkins Website: The Adkins Family Organization
The descendants of James Adkins & Lucy Morgan originally of Chesterfield County, Virginia, and later of Kirksville, Adair County, Missouri.
Adkins Facebook: Adkins Family History Group
A group intended to be a home for the multitude of Adkins descendants.
Adkins Website: Adkins Family Genealogy, History & Heritage
Facebook: Adkins Family Genealogy
a page for Adkins Family Genealogy, History and Heritage includes other surnames.
Adkins-Horton Website: Adkins-Horton Genealogy
Descendants of Andrew Jackson Adkins/Atkins & Mary Frances Horton collaborate here to gather family information.
Advent Website: The Advent Family Association
An informal group of people with an interest in the genealogy and history of the Avent family and allied lines. Primary focus is the descendants of Col. Thomas Avent, of Sussex Co., VA (1671-1757). Working together to collect and disseminate information. Beginning African-American research. DNA project.
Ainsworth Facebook: Ainsworth-Name Family Genealogy Forum
A group for gathering for those who are researching the genealogy of the Ainsworth surname worldwide.
Alabaster Website: The Alabaster Society
The Alabaster Society was formed in 1993. This is the site has information on more than 3,000 Alabasters, from the present day back to the 15th century.
Alden Website: The Alden Kindred of America Website
The Alden Kindred of America, Inc., was founded in 1906 to preserve the legacy of the Pilgrims, honor the memory of John and Priscilla Alden.
Alderson Website: Alderson Family History Society
International society center in the United Kingdom. Most prominent lines are those in North Yorkshire, England. They provide and store Data, help with research and have two meeting a year.They also have a newsletter
Aldrich Website: The National Aldrich Family Association
The Aldrich Family in America descended from George Aldrich. He was born in Derbyshire, England and came to Dorchester, Mass in 1631, moving and settling with his family in Mendon, Mass.
Allerdice Website:Allerdice.Net
This site promotes the study of Allardice genealogy.
Allerton Website: Pilgrim Isaac Allerton Society
Pilgrim Isaac Allerton Society. Mayflower passenger and Mayflower Compact signer, Isaac Allerton and his descendants.
Allred Website: Allred Family Organization

Facebook Group: William Allred Family Organization William Allred, his wife Elizabeth Thrasher and their descendants.

Allred Website: Rocky Mountain Allreds
The Allreds who settled in Utah. Main ancestor is James Allred 22 January 1784 – 10 January 1876. This is an LDS branch of the Allred Family Organization.
Amburgey Website: [Amburgey Family Association Purpose is to bringing together the members of the Amburgey Family anywhere in the world. Any descendant of Amburgey/Amberger in the world is eligible for membership. They collect and preserve family records and memorabilia, Reunions, Newsletters, Scholarships.
Ames Website: The Ames Society
Genealogy and information of people with the surname Ames or Eames and their descendants.
Anderson Facebook Group:Anderson Family Photo History Group
Family group for adding new and old photos
Anderson Website:Eddie Mathias Jacobson / Sarah Delilah Anderson
Includes the Jens and Ane Pedersen Andersen Family Group
Anderson Website: Anderson Clan
descendants of Buckley Burham Anderson and Sally Maria Cutler
Andrus Website: Milo Andrus Family Association

Facebook: Milo Andrus Descendants Site has genealogy information, encourages research, newsletter, and blog for Milo Andrus descendants.

Anthony Facebook: Edwards/Toler/Anthony/Finney/Witcher/Robertson family tree/connection page
Group for connecting and sharing family history
Apgar - Apker - Apger Website: Apgar Family Association
Facebook: APGAR APKER APGER Family Lineage/Genealogy
Membership open to any descendant of Friedrich ‘Fritz’ Epgert, Includes Apgar history, reunions, and historical area information.
Appleby Website: Appleby Heritage Association
Applebys helping other Applebys
Appleby Website: Appleby One Name study
World wide study of the surname Appleby.
Group dedicated to the study, preservation, and sharing of any information available on Araneta Genealogy all over the world.
Ashley Website: Ashley Families
Webpage dedicated to information about many Ashleys from various areas and lineages.
Ashton Facebook: Ashton Family Tree and Genealogy Page
Group for sharing knowledge of the Ashton family in Canada, UK, and United States.
Avery Website: The Avery Memorial Association
They are a family organization of descendants of Christopher Avery and son James who came from England to Gloucester, MA before 1642.
Facebook: The Avery Memorial Association
Open group that only allows postings pertaining to Averys and The Avery Memorial Association. Descendants of Captain James Avery of Groton, CT
Axenty - Ungurean Facebook: Axenty-Ungurean Family History Group
Group for members of this Family Tree, other surnames names are mentioned in the "about".
Aylesworth Website: Aylesworth Family
Dedicated to the Aylesworth and related families