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Help:Wiki University Wikitext--Images (cont.)

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Additional Helps

Tooltips[edit | edit source]

Handcart pioneers

What are tooltips? A tooltip is the little box that appears when you hover your mouse over an image or link. For example:

[[Image:Handcart pioneers.jpg|right|200px|Handcart pioneers]]

What is an abbreviation tooltip? Abbreviation tooltips are created when you add a word or phrase using an "abbr attribute" as follows:

[[Image:Handcart pioneers.jpg|right|200px|<abbr title="Family History Centers">FHC</abbr>]]

  • Having shown you this feature, note that Wiki standards is to AVOID acronyms or abbreviations in our articles, so if you see it, ask if it is appropriate.
  • Tooltips also appears if there is a name added to an external or internal link. This will be demonstrated shortly.

Image borders[edit | edit source]

  • What if we want to place a border around the image.
  • To do that add a pipe and the word "thumb" inside the internal image link:
[[File:Ireland Cemeteries 1.jpg|250px|thumb]]

  • Now our image looks like this:
Ireland Cemeteries 1.jpg
  • Using the word "thumb" moves the image to the right by default.
  • If we want the image on the left with the border, we add a pipe and the word "left":
[[File:Ireland Cemeteries 1.jpg|250px|thumb|left]]

  • Now our image is on the left side with a border:
Ireland Cemeteries 1.jpg

Image Captions[edit | edit source]

  • With the use of the word "thumb," notice a small box appears under the image.
  • Here is where we can place a caption on the image with the addition of a pipe and whatever wording we want for the caption:
[[File:Ireland Cemeteries 1.jpg|250px|thumb|left|Irish Cemetery]]

  • Here is how the image now appears with its caption at the bottom of the image:
Irish Cemetery
  • If you want to center the caption, enter opening and closing center tags flanking the caption:
[[File:Ireland Cemeteries 1.jpg|250px|thumb|left|<center>Irish Cemetery</center>]]
Irish Cemetery

Try these out[edit | edit source]

  • Place this [[File:Ireland Countryside.jpg]] image on the right side of your sandbox page limiting the size to 300 pixels and adding the tooltip "Irish Countryside".
  • Place this [[File:Ireland Map.gif]] image on the left side of your sandbox page, limit the size to 200 pixels, and put a border around it.
  • Place this [[File:Ireland Rebuilding of Tuam Cathedral 1865.jpg]] in your sandbox, limit the size to 250 pixels, and center the caption "Tuam Cathedral".

Quick Quiz
  • The default position of any image is on the right side of the page.
A. True
B. False
  • To place an image on the right side of the page, use |right.
  • You can place a caption on an image without the thumb code
A. True
B. False