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Present:James Tanner, Mark Summershays. Lynda Avery, Judy, lisa, Jane Colmenares, Janell Vasquez, Warren Jones, Charles Smith, Don Stringham, Rorie Jenson, Steve Cottrell,

E-mailed links to Forum posts direct me to the correct forum post, but if I'm not signed in and I don't see that the system doesn't recognize me as logged in, and try to reply, I lose whatever text I've composed and am redirected to the Forums-Beta main screen, not the message I was viewing (and my text is gone). I'm pretty sure it hasn't always worked this way. Lise 18:40, 27 September 2011 (UTC)
Think the Forum site should recognize me on the site and I think it used to recognize me.

Problem: It show me as logged in but then would not allow me to see a collection, saying I am not logged in.

Problem: Forums show me logged in when I arrive, but I am not according to all the other indicators,and have to log in then it says this is not correct have to back out and go in again. This happens in transfer from the Wiki to the forums.

Problem: Search says there are search result but don't show them, problem has come up on all browsers.  Sent in 4 problem searches and times.  If you click on the statement at the top that says there are results for your search but does not show them. You do get the results but not before. Report the location and provider when problem happens. Some are sending their screen tabs when it happens. Problem to reproduce.  It does not always happen.  Will look in to all of these.

If you get no results, some times the servers may be updating, it does it every 30 minutes.  As we grow the update takes longer.  We have to add more power to update bigger loads.  As we grow it takes longer.

Target for update:

Target to go to 11 languages and computer language up grade Oct 11th. During the update it will be read only, for the two hour 10PM-!2PM.  Links will be for the 11 languages will be in lab and the address box on the browser.