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FamilySearch Wiki talk:Technical Meeting Agenda 26 July 2011

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[Present:  Warren Jones, Cottrell, Lynda Avery. Rorie Jenson, Sandra Pond, Judy, Mark Summerhays, Charles Smith,

Page rating widget - will widget be fixed so that the links go to the pages named? --Steve (talk | contribs) 19:59, 26 July 2011 (UTC) There is a widget.  It is on the content page.. It is a rating 1-5 stars.  Put mouse over you can see the pages voted on.  The pages only link to the main article.  This has been ask about before.  Will sent this to the engineers.  Was thumbs up or down.  Changes about a month ago to stars.  Does not go to the links.

Items from last week. 

County layout issues,  Penn. County Page, sandbox search comes up with civil war pages   and space in Usernames.comes up with problems in search= all to engineers.  Judy, it was just decided to delete all numbered sandboxes.Over 100.


Trying to made sure content from sandboxes is in content pages.  Can edit info boxes in the sandboxes.. Trying to move pictures etc;  when all is moved I will put delete template on.  Empty sandbox, put on delete, delete taken off, send message on talk page.  101 linked to self and 102 linked to Wiki Project;  supress category will solve.  Put template on with the reason to delete.