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FamilySearch Wiki talk:Technical Meeting Agenda 24 May 2011

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Present[edit source]

James Tanner, Warren Jones,  Lise, Judy, Steve, Janell Vasquez, Sandra Pond, Darris, Charles Smith,

Don, DSammy, Cottrells, Mark Summerhays, Rorie Jensen, George Ditts,  

Barriers to getting different language versions of the Research Wiki up and running.[edit source]

The goal is to get the material to a  set level of quality.  The plan is to release more at the end of the year.  They all will be interconnected.  The languages are English /en, Spanish/es, French/fr, Portuguese/pt,  Chinese/zh, Russian/ru, Italian/ it, Swedish/sv, and German/de.  The problem right now is a limited amount of man power to work on the project and a limited amount of time.  Need for personnal that speak the languages to manage and create the Wiki. This problem is a limit of resources.  There were two views at the beginning of the Wiki:  Wait til the work is polished before putting it out; the other was a work in progress view. Now the first idea is being followed and material is being collected to prepare for the release. All but 2, Russian and Italian, of the Languages are almost ready for release. The goal is to get them more polished.   No non-English page by policy are allowed on the English Wiki but plan is non-English pages will be storied. Suggestion:Could they be taged for storage?  Linked to the English version? This would allow us to click between the versions. Plans to link the Main page to main pages of all other versions are being done right now.  Suggestion to flag all non-English page so they can be tagged for future use.  Also link to English as storage place til used. When all are in place we could then click between versions. When the pages mount up in one language this could also tell the leaders where to start the new versions.   

Problems getting Feedback within the Wiki Forum. In foxfire have problem scrolling down in both old and new versions.[edit source]

Have not been getting the feed back from the Wiki TechForum I used to get.  It was so good and quick. But recently it has almost stopped.  The name has been changed to Wiki Community Help Forum. Concern that those who used to contribute have stopped.  Question who did add to thread?  Community members with some help from Janell's team.  Engineers did not go to this tread in forum.  Engineering problems need to be sent to help or e-mailed. Will check on the problem.  No one else appears to be having scrolling problem.

E-mail problem.  Recieved no notification by E-mail of input in Forum[edit source]

While working in the forum I realized I did not recieve notice by e-mail of a change on issue with  Illinois(Midwest) 1900 Census.  Questions about issue. are your settings correct? They were checked. Was it the end of the day? No.  Found new communication on forum thread but no e-mail and I have always gotten them before.  Could this be a result like the indexing problem on the other side?

Will follow up and check on the plan.

Can the Wiki set up a way to fill up the wide screen on some computers?[edit source]

Thought we could use the whole screen.  Browser resolution controlls the screen.  Could design do

that?   We could be the lead on this. Write it up Steve and sent it to me.

Ant new issues?  Follow up fo next week.