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FamilySearch Wiki talk:Technical Meeting Agenda 21 June 2011

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Present: James Tanner, Warren Jones, Lise, Judy, Janell Vasquez, David Dilts, Charles Smith,
 DSammy, Steve Cottrells,  Rorie Jensen, 
Technical Issues & Workarounds
The Technical Meeting page has links that lead to nonfunctional places. Techinical Meeting links to listen to the recording that goes to abode which does not function and the Meeting Place for last week is empty.Sandralpond 14:45, 20 June 2011 (UTC) Mark isn't here yet but has worked on this and will update us on arrival.
The ongoing issue, transcriptions in PDF format and linked. Dsammy 18:18, 20 June 2011 (UTC) Does anyone beside Sammy have problem with sticking.. He could not get into this. Many have problems with the recordings.. We will research and find out problem.
Pick and Choose Policy coverage needed Forum Dsammy 18:18, 20 June 2011 (UTC)
Lists resources names on pages don't always include all resources.. Could someone not know all the resources. We need a policy to help others follow standards. Could we get a Wiki project that could form a list or guide to resources available to include when careating a page. Those not in the project would not include. There is also the problem of attitude to needs of items. Who sets up the guides.. All can do the leading ...all. To Help we can add to discussion page or add the missing resource to it yourself. Could put guidance page as link to the discussion page. Don't just add to add, put on only if the resource contains info for that page. Put in limits for each resources. Add all the unique resource also.
Good example WAS Carroll County, Illinois Census. Some feel this is an example of over inclusion of information . A List of what each site has is very informational and doesnot cover the needs. A short paragraph that includes the links to such seem more necessary. Do we want to connect all the county pages to all the state pages for all the census? Do we want to do this as needed? Not all census records cover just one county . Individual needs for just the specific needs . This is a request for a rehash of every county have all that is in the state census. Need only a small statement to lead to sites that hold census and their limits. Pages on these sites for leadership in research. Illinois Census
Aside from this, it exposed a problem - longer urls for FamilySearch censuses, same IDs within longer urls. Is it possible to have census template to shorten the urls to make it easier to do global change whenever the databases are moved again. I believe Ancestry's unique database IDs will work in its favor for all their subjects for template, too Dsammy 18:49, 20 June 2011 (UTC) Need a template to the replace the URLs because they are so long. There is the Template called Record Search. Historical Record CollectionPage articles. We have been doing the 2700 deadlinks. We only link to the words not the URLs. Want a template to replace the URLs Google has problems with this. URLs States Census Population Schedules, 1850 (FamilySearch Historical records) Help:Format for Source Citations in FamilySearch Historical Records Collections (article deleted - link removed) How to Create Source Citation For FamilySearch Historical Records can help. These can help create the link. We want the template for each data base. Collection When you enter the template put it to the far left and it will not form the box. Could we take this conversation to the User forum to help get in put also to continue this for next week.
Are there template for the data sites? This might be useful for info not in the Family History Center and Library. All has same URLs. Search boxes.
Length of Infobox for USA's counties: Illinois posed a problem prompted me to make call to circuit court clerk's office in Illinois. Got interesting answers to my few questions. County Clerks don't do what we normally associate it with. County handle BMD, tax, voting registers while Circuit Court handle all probate records going back to earliest days in their counties. Thread in forum on proposed page layout. Dsammy 19:09, 21 June 2011 (UTC) Illinois has two different Court systems. Some info do not include all addresses, with a very long URL.. Could we name the links and just use these. Carrol County, Illinois all the counties in Illinois. They do this different. Circiut county does the standard stuff. Opposite to most states.. There could be 4 or 5 addresses for this. Could you hide some with a hidden link.. There are seperate web pages for each of these courts. Lost contact, not on recording either. Sorry