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FamilySearch Wiki talk:Technical Meeting Agenda 13 September 2011

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Present: Don Stringham, Warren Jones, Janell Vanquez, Charles Smith, Rorie Jenson, Judy,  Steve Contrell, James Tanner,

1 Agenda
1.1 Recognition
1.2 Announcements
2 Discussion Items
2.1 Technical Issues & Workarounds
2.2 Site Design
2.3 Strategy


Kudos go to ...Mark for help to Judy

Announcements Waiting to after Conference 10-14 of October to put up the 10 Languages.

News items can now be found on the Community News page in the Wiki.

Questions? James Tanner  In the contributors:" Is there a box to tell when there are reverbs" To let people know they are reverbing other people.  No Yet but we do not have this.. Not in area.  WE can put it on the back load.
  Second. ?  Is it had to add a search box to a page. Controll have you looked at my talk page?  Janell: We will be in contact to learn how to do this search box. This searchs the talk pages you have marked to watch.Input box code, in wikipedia. <inputbox>

Meeting with Wilma with teir 3 tomorrow.

Judy " I have a question about the suggested move to a subpage for the Wiki Contributors meeting's page at FamilySearch_Wiki_Contributors_Meeting Per Help:Subpages it says that subpages are for talk pages and user pages. Subpages are turned off for the main namespace. Are they turned on for the FamilySearch Wiki namespace?" FamilySearch_Wiki:Maintenance/General_Cleanup Are the subpage allowed to back link.. Only the main page can back link as of now.  This is on the list to be turned on.  The sub pages do not have this back link yet. The template has this for the main page now but the sub pages could have in the future. Template:Delete/doc The suggestion is only for the Name space as now. Who is creating the policy? Mikael Richy? or the engineers.

Special:LonelyPages Page 34 and 35 Fixed by judy but they are back on the list. What has happened?  Shows links being put on the pages. Why is it still on the orphaned list. This section is moved as of the 12th.  By removing a section it can send it to the orphaned page. The orphaned pages are current pages. These will need to be archived. User_Group_Archive Can link to the this through the community meeting page. Past meeting to bullet to archives pages. It will also will create a list of all the pages for search and can add a search box to search them. How long are we keeping the recordings. About a year. Don't know.Some were not recording. Meeting house and adobe. About a year. Want to move the recording of meeting to archive. They should at least have the 3 months.