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Janell Vasquez, James Tanner, Michael Ritchey, Jimmy Parker, Rorie Jenson, Charles Smith, Judy, Lise, Jane Colmenares, Don Stringham, Sandra Pond, Darris Williams, Cottrells, Judy, Dsammy, Mark Sammerhays, Enancol, Steve Lyde,Total 28 in and out not all accounted for.

Meeting Adenda

No Kudos

No Announcements

Technical Issues & Workarounds


Deadlinks from the Fhl update is down to 40!

Jenall "1600 possible pages with dead links all connected to 28 pages and linked to other pages.  Most are fixed. Report on the other pages will be put off til next week." 

What was the other page in the Wiki that showed other potential problems that needed to be checked?

James Tanner " Category page United States.  Engineering needs to look at it."

Mark Sammerhays  "Add notes to Mine or Warren's talk pages to see if these issues are getting to us."

James tanner  "Message sent to him-message 'missing category page link' "

Mark Sammerhays "use the talk pages to connect

User posted questions on Discussion page of Help: article and then edit it.  Page did not show up as either  a new page when created or as an edited page in patrolling.

Mark (reads lead)

Janell "not in Patrolling"

Jane " Found this, neither showed in patrolling.  I was  watching this page but never came to patrolling.

Help:User Page, etc(page in discussion) Crearted may 3

Mark Warren will talk off-line to Jenall.

Mark "Did you go to Recent Pages Help:Talk pages.Or Talk-Help:Namespace

Janell We are trying to Patroll all talk pages.  O yes it is here. Sorry!

Site Design

Style of Heading level 2

I would like to see a bottom border added to the level2 headings.  As the title of each page is a level 1 heading, this style should not be used in the article content.  A level 2 heading therefore starts each major section of an article.  By including a bottom border to the level 2 heading this will help increase readability as the eye will be drawn to the start of each section.  An example of the current heading style can be sen in my sandbox User:Cottrells/Sandbox/Headings. As a comparison the style used by Wikipedia can be seen in my wikipedia sandbox User:Cottrells/Sandbox/Headings.--Steve 17:31, 10 May 2011 (UTC)Steve Steve this is a great Idea. If everyone agrees, I will submit this as an enhancement request.--Mark 18:53, 10 May 2011(UTC)

Cottrells Charles has put lines to seperate or break up pages and this gave me the idea for this change.

Genera discussion all agreed it was a great ideal.

Janell "Could we put indentation at the beginning of body of text. This and the lines would help to skim or see the new beginning ".

Mark If we are going to change multiple setting to the engineers then Jenall's indentation will be send in later to not slow the process of each.

Cottrells "A light line."

Mark "I agree"

Cottrells "Functional not stylish."


Accounts already combined - is this page still needed in the Wiki? If not, are there others like that could also be deleted? Mark will check with Don and Rick. --Mark 20:53, 10 may 2011(UTC)

DSammy will finish all the North Carilina counties by tomorrow.  Hove to delete old then put in new. 

Darris Williams "Locality template will replace Populate/Place/Localities"

Mark Sammerhays "Edting is Key"

Cottrels" v d e on the template "

Dsammy "e  shows editing" that one is corrected take out old to put in new.  Div does always work right- replace the template to reduce the space.  -Place   Write this up and send to me.  Put steps in notes.

I need to see what Jenall's problem is to help me in this div problem .

Janell" Problem on Counties page Tennessee div tag on line r or l in this section then the link didn't work.

Dsammy  "Has to remove then replace"

Corretts "Line left is the div tag will correct"

Dsammy "South Carolina I have to correct all the counties 4-6 per day."

W S "In all states"

Corretts "Wrong codes were coppied and it has been continued to be incorrect."

W S "how many"

Dsammy "3000 possible"

Corretts "Not all in the same sequence"

W S "Is this all in the old template"

Charles Smith "If we change it in the original would it correct this

Corretts No

Dsammy "One at a time works

Janell " It takes longer but

Mark "Do we want to do this as a project? Enginnering may not want to do

Dsammy "Take out lines in the template does fix this item.  etc

Mark "we need to get some help for him.  May need 3-4 to do Sammy, myself, Murphy must be very



Steve Lyde "In Forums are pages needed for Re-register and re-issue

Mark"no we don't need

Janel "this problem more-could get red at the same time

Mark "Will check with engineering

Judy "Meeting place problems: Word file, chat Private messages, delete in process.

Mark "Will address"