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Present Warren Jones, Judy, Lynda Avery, Cottrells, Janell Vasquez, Francis Jensen, Rorie Jenson, James Tanner, Don Stringham

Discussion Items
Technical Issues & Workarounds

Font-size used for the Table of Contents heading when a preview page is printed, it's out of proportion (too large) compared with the rest of the text. --Steve (talk | contribs) 19:37, 9 Augus

The preview  and preview print shows a much larger Subtitle print on the content box title then the resulting printed page.  May be driven by CSS codies. The template seem to have larger subtitles.  This would be put on the back log to be fixed. 

Sending messages out to User.  To reach out to contributors through E-mail.  Hope to find a list of contributors to sent out to the moderators or contributors.  How to get the E-mail for this use?  Communicate to contributors to those for just the Wiki.  There is already a newletter for the contributors done by Anna.  The ability to disallow any e-mail is with in the program in the newletter.  Anna could set up a e-mail list and help with this project. Reporting portal is a  possible way to get the information for an e-mail list. 

Another issue AmDoc Casesand the slowness of the process..  Slow processing may be caused by the many steps.  May be the repeative steps, could be the type of browser, could be spyware, and other problems.     Do we need to have the people call you warren? Yes, keep record of steps,  problems, time of day and all details.  Calls go to 1-866-406-1830  to missionaries who will then send information to us.

We are monitoring the saving speed on several steps and Amdoc.  The speed for save on the Wiki is the same or worst on Wikipedia.  ICS infor-structure is what we now use.

Another issue:Result of Search with no results. Change to thumbnail search so this solved three issues.