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Present: James Tanner, Judy, Lise, Janell Vasquez, Sandra Pond, Jimmy Parker, Charles Smith, James Jones, Mark Summerhays, Don Stringham, Jane Colmenres Main Speaker:Warren Jones

Short meeting last week can we have another short meeting today. All agree.

All Meeting Place meeting will now be stored for a year.

Technical Issues:

Sandbox dodo sent to Technical because of a broken re-direct.

Tennessee link issue will be added to the discussion next week.

Janell's has information for us.

Janell Vasquez: On the issue of div tags: these allow you to select specific items out of your link and do something different with them. < > or <| > allows it to do different areas. The problem we have been have may be caused because either a tag on either end has been added extra or one has been left out. This can cause a box or item to become a problem. If you find these items. Bring them up in the forums. Do you have any questions? No response.

Warren Jones: Populated Places in Foxfire can have div issues. Groups on links. Tennessee page may possibly be that.

See again next week.