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Should there be a short explanation included which explains what MediaWiki is, to distinguish from FamilySearchWiki? Non-tech people will find this confusing at first.

The word "Instance" will mean nothing to users. Should this word be changed to "Maintenance" to express what is really means in terms of MediaWiki, i.e. how to make changes, etc. Palmerj 09:28, 27 December 2007 (MST)

Discussion about proprosed How-To articles[edit source]

Proposed How-to Articles Related to Portal Pages[edit source]

  • Edit a portal page - I think we already have this how-to document.
  • Add to the directory of portals - I do not know what the "directory of portals" is. Does anyone know?
  • Add a section - Originally this was listed in the list below, but I believe the "section" is in reference to the different boxes on a portal page. If not, then what is a section? If this does refer to adding a new box to a portal page, I believe this is already covered in the article about editing portal pages.

Additional Proposed How-to Articles[edit source]

  • Undo archive or delete
  • Lock Pages
  • How to lock and unlock an article
  • Page Blanking
  • Register ... and why
  • Know where to start
  • Disambiguation of titles
  • Quickly find disambiguation guidelines
  • How non-image files are reviewed (the image submission, upload, and approval process covers this)
  • Print or copy an article or screen
  • Explain permanent link
  • Create a subpage
  • Move a page - this article is already available at Help:Renaming a page
  • Define terms used on pages - The article [[Help:Wiki Terminology|Wiki Terminology] fulfills the need to define terms related to the use of the Wiki. The Genealogical Terms glossary in the Wiki fulfills the need to define genealogical terms. More articles in the Wiki need to take advantage of the ability to link to the genealogical terms that appear in this Genealogical Terms glossary. In addition, the Genealogical Dictionary of Legal Terms is another glossary of terms one encounters when researching ones ancestors.
  • Define tabs and what they are used for
  • Toolbox selections
  • Communicate new issues (give feedback)
  • Join a discussion group

How-to Articles Not Needed Because the Function is Not Yet Available[edit source]

  • Apply for featured article status
  • Nominate a good article
  • Recategorize an article (Symantic would replace this)
  • Redundancy: Finding and Merging Duplicate Articles
  • Merge pages
  • Quickly find guidelines for article merging
  • Apply for featured article status
  • Nominate a good article
  • Flag duplicates
  • Build list of articles flagged as duplicates
  • Merge the articles flagged as duplicates
  • Flag a page needing expert attention
  • Flag bias
  • Flag for verification
  • Discuss merger of flagged articles
  • Edit flagged titles
  • Adjudicate flagged articles based on policy
  • Flag for libel or copyright infringement
  • Flag for Speedy Deletion: Regular users can’t delete an article. (Only Administrators can.) Regular users need to be able to flag articles for speedy deletion.
  • Discuss articles flagged for Speedy Deletion. (It may not be obvious whether the article should be deleted; discussion is sometimes necessary.)
  • Delete articles flagged for Speedy Deletion.

Warning about the list on this page and the discussion page[edit source]

All the items listed on this page and the lists on this discussion page were a result of early efforts to idenitify the help content that might be needed for the wiki. In many cases, the help content has already been added. In some cases, the help content may not be needed anymore. A thorough analysis of the lists on both pages is needed before any efforts are made to add new help content. -- Fran 21:39, 16 August 2011 (UTC)