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Wiki Support go to Things to do

Specific Projects

  1. Each of the locality Help Wanted pages needs to include these as "To Do" items:
    • Pick a county to evaluate and/or fill out. Use a county in Tennessee or other well populated state to use as a guide to help you fill it out.
    • Look at a local library website or contact a librarian at the local library to discuss the genealogy resources that they have. Most libraries have a Local History or Genealogy section, and that is who you go to to find out the resources that they have access to to add to the page.
  2. Need to make contact with the contributor, and then find a new home for the information here, maybe USGenWeb?

General Things to Do

  1. Fix broken links in the wiki
  2. Fix external links that should be internal
  3. Review a Help page and make sure it makes sense, and has good instructions and images to reference the steps.

Future Projects

There are a number of projects that we would like to work on but don't have the ability to get started on yet. If you are interested in helping with any of these projects, let us know.

  1. Improving the Help content - needs helpers
  2. Wikiproject pages that need to be moved to FamilySearch Wiki namespace
  3. Categories - create a project on how we're going to handle these (Rorie & Sandra?)
  4. Images - watching uploads, ensuring images have the Information and Licensing templates on them, helping uploaders understand how to upload photos with the correct informationad