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Project Leader[edit | edit source]

Sylvie Pysnak

Purpose[edit | edit source]

Every major religion practiced in each country has been previously identified using the CIA Factbook. The purpose of this project is to change the format of the Religious Records page and add links for every Christian church to the Church Records page.

Task List[edit | edit source]

Country Date Completed
Algeria Genealogy 7/16/2019
Angola Genealogy 7/16/2019
Benin Genealogy 3/20/2019
Botswana Genealogy 4/5/2019
Burkina Faso Genealogy 7/16/2019
Burundi Genealogy 7/16/2019
Cameroon Genealogy 7/16/2019
Cape Verde Genealogy Already done
Central African Republic Genealogy 7/16/2019
Chad Genealogy 7/16/2019
Comoros Genealogy 7/16/2019
Democratic Republic of the Congo Genealogy 3/20/2019
Republic of the Congo Genealogy 7/16/2019
Djibouti Genealogy 7/16/2019
Egypt Genealogy 7/16/2019
Equatorial Guinea Genealogy 7/16/2019
Eritrea Genealogy 7/16/2019
Ethiopia Genealogy 7/16/2019
Gabon Genealogy 7/16/2019
The Gambia 7/16/2019
Ghana Genealogy 3/20/2019
Guinea Genealogy 7/15/2019
Guinea-Bissau Genealogy 7/15/2019
Ivory Coast Genealogy 7/15/2019
Kenya Genealogy Already done
Lesotho Genealogy 7/15/2019
Liberia Genealogy 3/20/2019
Libya Genealogy 7/8/2019
Madagascar Genealogy 7/8/2019
Malawi Genealogy 4/5/2019
Mauritania Genealogy 7/7/2019
Mauritius Genealogy already done
Mayotte, France Genealogy 7/7/2019
Morocco Genealogy 7/7/2019
Mozambique Genealogy 7/7/2019
Namibia Genealogy 4/5/2019
Niger Genealogy 7/7/2019
Nigeria Genealogy 7/7/2019
Réunion 7/7/2019
Rwanda Genealogy 7/7/2019
Saint Helena Genealogy 7/7/2019
São Tomé and Príncipe Genealogy 7/7/2019
Senegal Genealogy 7/7/2019
Seychelles Genealogy 7/3/2019
Sierra Leone Genealogy 3/20/2019
Somalia Genealogy 7/1/2019
South Africa Genealogy already appears done
South Sudan Genealogy 7/1/2019
Sudan Genealogy 7/1/2019
Kingdom of Eswatini Genealogy 7/1/2019
Tanzania Genealogy 4/6/2019
Togo Genealogy 7/1/2019
Tunisia Genealogy Already done
Uganda Genealogy 5/10/2019
Zambia Genealogy 3/20/2019
Zimbabwe Genealogy 4/6/2019
Bahamas Genealogy 3/27/2020
Cook Islands Genealogy 4/9/2020
Fiji Genealogy 4/9/2020
Puerto Rico Genealogy 4/9/2020
American Samoa Genealogy 4/8/2020
Norway Genealogy 4/8/2020
Isle of Man Genealogy 4/8/2020
Mexico Genealogy 4/8/2020
Sweden Genealogy 4/8/2020
Denmark Genealogy 4/8/2020
Finland Genealogy 4/8/2020
New Zealand Genealogy 9/10/2020
Thailand Genealogy 9/10/2020
Philippines Genealogy 9/10/2020
Papua New Guinea Genealogy 9/30/2020
Haiti Genealogy 9/30/2020
Guam Genealogy 9/30/2020
Ivory Coast Genealogy 7/15/2019
Cape Verde Genealogy already done
Belize Genealogy 10/21/2020
Costa Rica Genealogy 9/30/2020
El Salvador Genealogy 9/30/2020
Guatemala Genealogy 9/30/2020
Honduras Genealogy 9/30/2020
Nicaragua Genealogy 9/30/2020
Panama Genealogy 9/30/2020

Instructions[edit | edit source]

Step 1: Reformat Religious Records Page[edit | edit source]

1. Click on the country to go to that country's wiki page. Then click on "Religious Records."

We want to reformat the page from looking like this:

Church Records 1 img 7.png

To looking like this:

Church Records 1 img 8.png

2. How to do this:

1. Find a Christian denomination listed.
  • They will be found under the Anglican, Catholic, Protestant, and Orthodox headings.
  • Each Christian denomination will have its own bullet point and will link to its section on the Church Records page.
2. Add a bullet point and link under its current heading using this template: *[[COUNTRY Church Records#CHURCH Records|CHURCH Records]]
3. Change COUNTRY to the name of the country you are working on and change CHURCH to the name of the Christian denomination/church you are linking to.
  • For example: the link to the Catholic Records on the Ghana Church Records page will look like *[[Ghana Church Records#Catholic Records|Catholic Records]]
4. If there is more than one Christian denomination under a heading, make sure they are in alphabetical order.
  • The Protestant heading is likely the only heading that will have more than 1 bullet point (some countries may have 5-10 Protestant denominations).
5. Delete the line that says: "For more information...visit this page: [COUNTRY Church Records]." under the Anglican, Catholic, Protestant, and Orthodox headings.

Take note: any additional information that may exist on this page for Christian records should be moved to Church Records page.

Step 2: Research Non-Christian Religions[edit | edit source]

Most major religions practiced in the respective country have been identified previously using the CIA Factbook. Information about Christian denominations/churches will be found on the Church Records page. Information about non-Christian religions will be found on this page. Add any additional non-Christian religions practiced by the significant minority to the page in alphabetical order (go to Religions by country).

Jewish Records[edit | edit source]

Leave as is, no changes need to be made.

Other Non-Christian Records[edit | edit source]

1. Research each religion. What we want to know about each religion:

  • How to find the records (including online resources and websites)
  • Historical background
  • Information recorded in the records

2. To find this information:

  • Wikipedia - go to the country and click the Religions link to see a summary. Look for a link just under the Religions heading that links to a separate, more detailed article about the country's religions (usually titled "Religion in COUNTRY"). This page may list links to a specific religion in the country (such as "Islam in COUNTRY"). Look at these pages to fill out the headings.
    • NOTE: Be sure to cite your sources.
  • Google
    • NOTE: Be sure to cite your sources.

NOTE: It is okay if nothing is found out about that religion in the country. The history of the religion found on Wikipedia is sufficient.

3. Copy and paste this code (or part of the code) if you find information that belongs underneath any of these headings. If the only information found is historical background, DO NOT add the heading, just put that information under the religion heading.

=== How to Find the Records ===

==== Online Resources and Websites ====

=== Historical Background ===

=== Information Recorded in the Records ===

What information each heading will contain:
Church Records 1 img 6.png

Note[edit | edit source]

  • Do not use Muslim Records heading, use Islamic Records heading instead. The word Muslim cannot be used to refer to Religion. It always refers to a person. [1]

References[edit | edit source]

  1. Wikipedia Collaborators, "Muslims," In Wikipedia: The Free Encyclopedia, Visited June 17, 2019.