FamilySearch Wiki:WikiProject Wiki Design Meeting - March 30 2012

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What are the most important tasks people are trying to do when they come to the wiki?
Research - Tasks
  • Trying to find records or information about __________
  • Trying to find out where ___________ came from
  • Trying to find ____________ parents/family
  • Want more information about a specific locality/topic
  • Get started in doing genealogy research
  • Organize my genealogy information
  • Connect with others
  • Learn how to use the wiki for research (for researchers with a little more experience)

Contributing - Tasks

  • Add something you know to the wiki (getting started steps)
  • Add to an article
  • Start a new article
  • Find ways you can help (things to do)
  • Proofread articles
  • Add images to articles
  • Become a moderator
  • etc...
  • Find Help articles
  • Connect with others
  • Understand how the wiki is organized (for contributors with a little more experience)
  • Training others to use the wiki and/or contribute to it

Contributing - Support

  • Things to Do
  • ???

Source for Images:

As we get started:

Links on the home page

  • Researching on the wiki
  • New to the wiki
  • Contributing to the wiki

Good example: