FamilySearch Wiki:WikiProject Wiki Design Meeting - June 1 2012

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If you are having a hard time finding images that you can use, you can search flickr here for their creative commons only images.

Put in your search term and scroll down to select "only search within creative commons-licensed content"

Also see the home page for the Creative Commons images.

Other discussion items today:

  1. There is a balance between pictures and text. Both are needed.
  2. We discussed finally not using tabs but rather to use an "in-between page" if necessary from the link on the home page to the pages we are working on, where it makes sense. Here is an example of something like an inbetween page.
  3. We'd like to call these "entry pages" rather than "landing pages," we think it fits better.
  4. We started talking today about what the page flow should be from the wiki home page into these other pages, and created a flowchart to start diagramming it (this is not complete).
    The boxes represent each page, with the info in the box being what the patron is trying to do rather than the name of the page. The black arrows represent the main page "flow" and the light grey arrows represent the "Next Steps" links we'd like to see at the bottom of each page.
  5. We discussed the "Next Steps" links at the bottom of each page taking the format of what you see at the top of the page here - with 3-4 images in a row like that with short titles under each of what each image would take you to. Hope that makes sense....