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Overall Objectives[edit | edit source]

Under construction
To create entry pages in the wiki that more clearly illustrate and describe the use of the wiki as a genealogical research tool; how it can enhance both beginning and advanced family historians' understanding of where and how to search for information concerning their ancestors; and to give more information to users who might be interested in helping in specific ways.
We are focusing on the following types of users:
  • Researchers & Research Helpers (Consultants, etc.)
  • Contributors
  • Maintenance workers (we believe we can draw more people in, who want to help in small ways by doing maintenance work)

Links to Sandbox Pages with Suggested Formats
[edit | edit source]

  • Examples of good home pages:

Links to Comments and thoughts:

Participate[edit | edit source]

Add in your information by editing the table.
Name Interest Contact Info (Email) Optional WikiUser Name
James Tanner Organization and Design jamestanner
Ken Knight O&D Klk3
Janell Vasquez O&D VasquezJL
Lee Drew O&D Ldrew
Rorie Jenson O&D jenson1
Lise Embley Style/content/navigation Lembley

We are broken out into committees working on different entry pages. 
  • Lynda, Rorie, & Sandra:
  • Locating information about someone
  • Find ways you can help (things to do)
  • Things to Do in Supporting the Wiki
  • James & Danielle
  • Want more information about a specific locality/topic
  • Organize my genealogy information
  • Understand how the wiki is organized (for contributors with a little more experience)
  • Charles & Lee
  • Get started in doing genealogy research
  • Add something you know to the wiki (getting started steps)
  • Lise & Caroline
  • Connect with others - researchers
  • Connect with others - contributors
  • Jane, Ken, & Dennis
  • Learn how to use the wiki for research
  • Find Contributor Help articles
  • Training others to use the wiki and/or contribute to it

Meetings and Announcements[edit | edit source]

We currently meet every Friday. Anyone is welcome to attend.
  • Time: 8:30-10:30am MDT
  • Place: MeetingPlace ID# 5889
  • Go to MeetingPlace then enter the ID#
  • If needed, call 877-453-7266 and enter the ID#

Past Meeting Minutes[edit | edit source]

Inspiration[edit | edit source]

Resources[edit | edit source]

  • If anyone is having a hard time verbally describing a layout design they’d like considered, there are a number of free or inexpensive mockup applications available that can be used to create an image(s) to share with others.
  • Training videos: