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  1. On a county page (Utah only), in the blue table:
    1. Erase the section Church units without place names. Take it all out, including the names
  2. Start a link to a new page, which will be called (Current) County, Utah LDS Church Stakes and Wards. The link will look like this in wikitext:
    1. '''List of [[Washington County, Utah LDS Church Stakes and Wards|Washington County stakes and wards]]'''
    2. When you Save page you will have a red link.

(Note: Wilma did steps 1 and 2 for Washington County while making these instructions.)

3. Click on the red link, which will open the empty page
4. Copy the “shell” or pattern from the Talk page on LDS Phase 3

a. Save page before continuing.

5. Edit the shell, as per yellow items in the Word document.

__ County – put the current county name

6. __ Stake – put the current stake name

Copy the boundaries, using either the stake page or Jenson's from AncestryInstitution.
Copy the wards in the stake, again using either one. (If the wards were copied in paragraph form to the stake page.)
Describe your edit and Save Page.

7. Repeat 6 for next stake until all stakes in county are completed.

TIP: keep a separate window open for the County so you can jump to the needed stakes.