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This is task Phase 1a for LDS Church Records in Utah

The purpose of this task is to make it easier for users to learn about the Utah wards or branches their ancestors attended. This Phase 1a focuses on the Utah stakes and the wards and branches within them.

Task Description

This task is to copy and adapt the pattern (found on the Talk page) to LDS stakes. Details of stake boundaries will be added (with links to adjoining stakes) and a list of wards and branches within the stake.

First focus is on early and important areas: Cache, Davis, Salt Lake, Utah, Washington, and Weber Counties. Once the stakes and wards are done for these areas, we will move to the rest of the state.

Examples of stake pages

Have practiced with stake boundaries, wards and branches, AND timeline on the following:

Benson Stake, Utah (Current format)
Beaver Stake, Utah (Was still experimenting)
Liberty Stake, Utah (Was still experimenting)


Step 1. Identify a stake to add

From this task page:

  • Click to a county that is not "Done" from the county list.
  • From that county page, click a red link to a stake
    • If none, click on each place on the county chart until you find one with a "red link" stake.
  • When all places have been checked and all stakes have blue links, update this task page
    • please type "Done" after the county name
    • go to another county.

Step 2. Copy the stake pattern

A) Click the Talk tab for this task page
B) Click "Edit This Page"
C) Select Wikitext
D) Highlight all (Ctrl+A) and copy (Ctrl+C)
E) Cancel edit

Step 3. Paste the pattern to the empty page

A) Go to the empty stake page (from Step 1).
B) Edit in Wikitext and paste the pattern
C) Fill in edit Summary box: "copied pattern" and Save page

Step 4. Adapt the Pattern

A) Breadcrumb trail:

  • Change "Beaver" to the current county in two places
  • Change "Beaver" to the current stake
  • Fill in edit Summary, "Breadcrumb", Save page

B) The stake info:

  • in the heading === Beaver Stake === change to current stake
  • Change page numbers (xx-xx) twice in the the line starting with "See [" Get this from the BYU version of Jenson's.
  • Copy to area of the county from version of Jenson's.
  • Add headquarter town
  • Copy boundaries from Jenson's.
    • If other stakes are mentioned, create a link to them, as follows:
[[yy Stake, Utah LDS Church Wards and Branches|yy Stake, Utah]]
  • History timeline: after the bullet (* in WikiText), put the year, month, day and "Organized from zz Stake, Utah

C) Under "Obtain the Records":

  • Change "Beaver" Stake to current stake -- two times

D) Under "Wards and Branches"

  • Paste the names of wards from AncestryInstitution verson of Jenson's

For stakes in Cache, Davis, Salt Lake, Utah, Washington, and Weber Counties, please do the following for each ward:

  • Replace the yy -- paste or type the name of each ward in ==== yy Ward ====
  • Find the page numbers xx-xx (BYU Jenson's) and type them in two places on the line that starts with "See ["
  • In two places, change the line that starts with "List of {{" from "Beaver" to the name of the ward (or branch)

E) Below "References"

  • In Category, replace "Beaver" with current county. DO NOT change [[Category:UT LDS Stakes]]
  • Type in the edit Summary box: "adapted to stake" and Save page

Step 5. Update the county page

From the work on the stake page, you have learned information that needs to be put on the county page, such as names of stakes and wards that don't have place names.

Compare the stake page and the county page side by side:

  • Update the county page so all stakes are listed
  • Add wards without place names to the appropriate area, with the link to the appropriate Stake page.

Start over with Step 1

Counties ready

All counties are ready. Please write "Done" after a completed county.

Note: Some counties, especially Salt Lake, may start to look really jumbled on the county pages. Let's forge ahead, and Wilma will struggle with better presentation for the users.

First focus: Cache Done · Davis  · Salt Lake · Utah · Washington  · Weber

Counties ready: Beaver · Box Elder · Carbon · Daggett · Duchesne  · Emery  · Garfield · Grand  · Iron · Juab  · Kane  · Millard · Morgan  · Piute · Rich  · San Juan  · Sanpete  · Sevier  · Summit  · Tooele  · Uintah · Wasatch · Wayne