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18 Jan 2012

(JB) Review last weeks minutes Report on yesterday's meeting Report on chart review by "community meeting" at 1 p.m. yesterday Community meetings will be on Wednesdays, starting Feb 1 We will continue with admin meetings

28 Dec 2011


  • Review 21 Dec minutes and report on assignments
  • Prep for usability testing see County Sandbox. Esp: 1) Concept of table at top, 2) boxes as sub-headings
  • Prep for Jan 10 meeting
    • Sections, and who will take them?
    • When, for sure? (Dawne)
    • What should be FINISHED, what simply ready?

21 Dec 2011


14 Dec 2011


  • Also see an Illinois County page for quick reference chart. Shall we add these in our Key Facts or Quick Reference?

7 Dec 2011


  • Review 30 Nov minutes
  • Report on UGA board meeting -- Patsy
  • Meeting today at 4 p.m.?
  • How will we move this forward (planning and leadership wise)
    • Minutes - Patsy will continue
    • Progress chart (post to
    • Maren, Marie Taylor, David Putnam, James, Jennifer

30 Nov 2011


16 Nov 2011


  • Review of Thursday meeting
  • Style guide: state information should not be put on county pages.
  • County Headings:
    • Resource Repositories
    • Poorhouses, poor laws
    • Heading levels
  • Review project schedule

9 Nov 2011

  • Review last weeks minutes for needed follow-up
  • Review instructions for Cemeteries task
  • Review/plan meeting for tomorrow evening.
  • Review changes on WikiProject Utah pages:

2 Nov 2011

  • Review last weeks minutes for needed follow-up
  • Review changes on WikiProject Utah page: changed "tasks" to "plans", updated the model county page (infobox, breadcrumb, etc.)
  • Participants meetings will be on Thursdays at 6 p.m., starting Nov 10.
    • Logistics, contacting, setting up, agenda, etc.

26 Oct 2011

  • Review wording changes on WikiProject Utah page - especially overall objectives and Project guidelines
  • Plan recruiting, including UGA members, UGA chapters, FHC's in Utah, etc.
  • Review/edit/approve new tasks ready for volunteers

12 Oct 2011

WikiProject Utah brainstorming meeting 12 Oct 2011

Agenda Purpose of the meeting is twofold: 1) review what has already been planned, and 2) drain YOUR brains for helping the Utah counties be the best they can be.

  • Overview of project; focus for today: county level Wilma Adkins
  • Scope of the project TBD fully in future meetings
  • Church records (including LDS) Patsy Hendrickson
  • Tasks ready for volunteers and waiting in the wings Wilma Adkins
    • These tasks are prepared for (but not limited to) people who may be new to the Community
    • Tasks set a minimum of what will be done for each of the 29 counties
    • Your suggestions are requested
  • Review and brainstorm (Marilyn Markham)
    • Model county Beaver County, Utah talk page
    • The tasks planned to this point have been added to this county.
    • The review invites your expertise and input to additional tasks for the project, wording, format, etc.


  • To review minutes of meetings of the project administrators (Wilma Adkins, Patsy Hendrickson, Marilyn Markham, Dawne Hole), see Meeting Notes
  • See the project page
  • We have not yet recruited volunteers.
    • Wanted to have some tasks ready for those who aren’t yet confident enough to forge ahead on their own.
    • Also wanted to have some basic accomplishments and formats in place. YOU are helping to set those expectations.
    • A class about this project will be held this coming Saturday (Oct 15) in Logan at their family history conference.
    • A meeting will be set up soon for volunteers on the project. The meeting with Patsy, Wilma, Dawne, and Marilyn will continue at 9 a.m. Wednesday mornings.