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Provide context

When we link from one topic to another (alternative) topic, users need context so they know why they were linked to this topic.

Example: When people follow a link to Census from Birth, they need some explanation of what birth info they will find in censuses.

  • Words to use when decribing contents of a record:
    • Seldom = 0-10% of the time
    • Sometimes = 10-30% of the time
    • Often = 30-60%
    • Frequently = 60-80%
    • Usually = 80-100%
  • Birth context: Main birth needs
    • dates
    • places
    • names of parents
      • maiden name of mother
      • age, bp, etc. about parents
    • relationships
      • Stated vs implied relationships
      • Names (siblings, etc.)

Tip Bank

  • What do you think of providing a tip or two under a topic. Example under Birth: "Birth records for children may tell maiden name, age, or more about their parents."
  • What about a (More) link to a "Tip Bank" page that grows.
  • Tips will be word-smithed, then put in the appropriate pages in a template (or standard paragraph).
    • This allows needed changes to be made automatically acros the board.
    • This also means that any changes to a template need to be reviewed by many, rather than just one person making the change.

Census tips

  • Census -- clues to migration (from b dates/places of children)
  • Clues to when married or second marriage
  • Analyze (not a good beginner word) how can this be expressed?

Links to FHL and Allen County Public Library catalogs

  • Links to FHL and Allen County Public Library catalogs. See different looks, adapt. Discuss this before we implement everywhere. Decisions from meeting:
    • Since the link to the county results in a random list of items, and not a list of topics, it won't serve users to have a link to the county for the ACPL catalog. The person doing the task will need to go to the county and make a list of topics the entries will fit, then put ACPL links under each of those topics. Similar to the FHLC links, except that the person will need to make that topic list themselves.
    • Having a link under Libraries in each county seems not right. Link instead to the state page where all of these are listed.
    • Include Public Lib, DUP, SUP, others in the county, (WA: get the list from the experimental county page) and then send them to the state page, where they can do their own searching.
    • WorldCat was also discussed. Liz Snow will check if it includes public libraries, which would be more useful to many of our users than only university libraries. We will need to teach them effective searching if it is listed.

To Do's

How to treat long lists

  • Perhaps the word (more) linked to the appropriate place for long lists. (People won't mind going through the More when they are interested. When people are not interested, long lists interfere.

Study of Utah Death Certificates

Example, Patsy said a study needs to be made to see if Wayne County is under-reported in utah death certificates.

Completed or in process

Items in this section have been discussed sufficiently to implement them on the county pages. Please do not change them, except in adapting to each specific county.

If you have ideas for changes and improvements to the table, please post them above the Completed or in process area, so they can be discussed, improved and those changes implemented consistently.

Table at top of page

  • Top of County experimental page: How can we improve it, to be more inviting, informative, and effective? What still needs to be done, before we can go forward with this on each county page? Comments from the meeting:
    • Remember these collections needs to have room for unique and important county collections.
      • Added: the LOC link to Beaver newspapers. Moved that link to the Newspapers area, since it links more to an inventory than to digital collections. AdkinsWH 15:34, 11 February 2012 (UTC)
    • Needed for rollout of the table:
      • Manually: 1) Dates for the top section will need to be adapted; 2) Parent and neighboring counties will have to be copied (they exist already in every county); 3) The link to LOC newspapers will have to be adapted to the current county; 4) Each county will need to have headings for Birth, Marriage, and Death added, if they are not already there.
      • Some links may be done generically such as links in the top section (hopefully, we can use the PAGENAME template).
      • Top Table Task being writtenAdkinsWH 15:34, 11 February 2012 (UTC)