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Click to join the meeting, 9:00–10:00 a.m. Wednesdays (Mountain). Meeting ID: 6804, click Attend Meeting, Sign in as a Guest (preferably with your name). (Further instructions under the label Join the meeting)

Welcome! Make a difference! Add your voice to the Utah Wiki Project.

Join with other Utah project participants to see progress, to share ideas, and to get news and training. Please add items to the agenda before or bring them up during the conversation.
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Anyone new to this meeting?

Meeting Participants: Marilyn and Patsy attending meeting for work

(Gene Sabin -- Pat will invite him to our meeting. Sabwoo)

News and Events

Review of last meeting

Progress reports

  • Tip icon now has green bar, has been placed in "Parent Counties" area.
  • The revised Table at top is now on every county.
  • Work was done on the Probate and Land records topics. Will review in a few moments. Thanks Jana.
  • A missionary is working on the History Timeline of each county for events that affected records, record-keeping, and migration.
    • She is searching the county and towns using Wikipedia and Utah History Encyclopedia.
    • Will cite sources.
    • Will then copy info to other areas, as appropriate. Example: "1856. Settlers came from Cedar City, Utah to [town in this county]" should also be placed under migration.
  • Another missionary is being trained to copy the map on the Utah page to make "surrounding counties" maps (color!) for the county pages.
  • Which is most useful, historical county borders or current? Send them to animap or an online book of maps.

"Quick" Tasks

Topics that may need less discussion: Leader/assistants do examples, get suggestions and approval:

  • Review Probate
  • Review Land and property
  • Be sure to refer to the state pages as well
  • Cemeteries: do we want bullets or tables? table Consensus after discussion: headings with bullets and links to the specific county, can have explanation for limitations and other things they can do.
  • Court
  • Funeral home records

Idea share

Vital records (BMD, Div)

Birth in bulleted style Suggest resources, review for dates and content.

How ready are we to create a task description for birth?

Discussion minutes:

  • Pre-1856 is OK
  • Discussed dates counties have records (to present)?
  • Suggestion: years when births are restricted is another break (1911 is at state archives, indexes online for some counties
  • Variations can be put on the county's talk page if all details are not known and no time to research it now. allows it to be revisited in future
  • Each county is different

Summary of minutes:

Future meetings

Meetings will be held on Wednesdays at 9:00 a.m.

Next week:

  • Progress reports
  • Future focus for discussions:
  • Church records
  • Cemetery records
  • Library area of each county
  • Tip Bank